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Boost your Career – Know how to perform Cost/Profit Analysis


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Course Description

In this course, we cover the many Management Accounting concepts that are covered in Managerial ( Management) Accounting university course.

Learn and Master Management Accounting Tool and Technique.


Determine which business costs are fixed and which are variable
Determine the fixed and variable costs when a cost is mixed.
Calculate the amount os sales needed by the business in order to break-even
Calculate the amount os sales needed to earn a profit.
Know how to use the Cost Volume Profit model to predict future profits
Learn how to perform sensitivity analysis
What are the requirements?
Everything will be provided
What am I going to get from this course?
Know how to Apply the concepts of management accounting to the various activities in the organization by analyzing different types of costs and use them in decision making situations
Know how to perform Cost-Volume-Profit analysis for profit planning, pricing decisions, and sensitivity analysis
Understand the difference between financial accounting and management accounting.
Understand how different costs behave as business activity increases. Fixed Costs. Variable costs and Mixed costs.
Be ab;e to use the cost/volume/profit model to predict future profits.
Who is the target audience?
Managers interested in improving their understanding of management accounting tools and techniques.
Anyone wanting to improve their management knowledge
Anyone who wants to understand management tools and techniques


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