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Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins – StomperNet – The Purple Series – Ecommerce & SEO


Published on: December 14, 2020
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If you have harbored any thoughts of running online stores, you might want to download this torrent.  Unlike many Internet marketing gurus, StomperNet founders Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon have made millions from their online stores, and continue to do so.  A couple of years ago their stores ranked first in Google for their keywords.  In conjunction with their online stores, they run bricks-and-mortar operations. They deal with retail issues and opportunities including: employees, payrolls, warehouses full of the goods they sell, customer support

StomperNet II is an SEO membership site launched on October 3rd, 2006.  It costs about $800 a month.. To get new members up to speed with the existing members (from StomperNet I) the founders, Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins, devised a 15-video course covering SEO and related topics such as Adsense and Ecommerce. The present Purple 6-Part series consists of a seminar or bootcamp where they expound best SEO principles and practices as applied to the online marketing and sales of physical goods and services.


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