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Brad Merrill – How to Start a Successful Blog – Blogging 101


Published on: December 10, 2020
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1. Are you interested in building your online brand, platform, and authority?

2. Do you seek a low-cost method of attracting customers, clients, and sales?

3. Do you want to make passive income while working from home?

If you answered ?yes? to at least one of these questions, then this course is for you!

I?ve been blogging for a couple of years, and my website has steadily attracted more visitors and income as a result of broader search relevance and savvy marketing (current Alexa ranking < 200K). While many other digital content producers leverage marketplaces only, for instance, Udemy and Amazon, I believe blogging is critical to developing a sustainable online presence for the long term. Furthermore, my blog acts as the centerpiece of my online business.

How to Start a Successful Blog addresses the fundamentals of blogging. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

Launch and design a blog for future success and profitability
Implement various monetization activities to drive revenues
Promote and market your blog to increase traffic to your site
Use professional blogging techniques to beat your competitors
Increase conversions of subscribers and sales
Understand website hosting and what to watch for
And much more


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