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Brad Stephens – FeelSocial Immersion Series (mod1)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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First Training Module Will Be Released Next Wednesday, March 22nd 2017
You have the most powerful Facebook messaging software available at your fingertips. It?s SO new in fact, that monetizing this new technology might seem overwhelming or confusing. ?Where do I start??
4 Weeks of ?Step-by-Step? Immersion Training Sessions with Brad Stephens
You?ll experience Four (4) powerful training sessions, where I?ll guide you through each step required to build out a profitable messaging funnel inside of FeelSocial.
I will provide EXACTLY what you need to know and how to get to $10k/month with messaging funnels.
This is not live training, each module will be prepared in detail and will be released every Tuesday/Wednesday and you will have a full week in between to implement and get results before moving onto the next week.


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