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Branding your Business


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Define, Create and Communicate your Branding Profile

Is this Course for You?
Are you a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, or in the process of starting up a business of your own? Perhaps you have run your business for a while, and feel?that it is not growing as fast, as you would like it to?

Do you have a complete branding profile and strategy for your business? If you don?t, and you would like to take your business to a higher and more successful level, this course is for you, my friends.

Why take this Course?

Branding is one of the best long term strategies to create a truly successful business. If you develop a well planned branding profile for your business, and use it, to drive the core of your business strategy, you will: get more loyal customers, extend your reach and word of mouth, and of course, get more sales and money in the bank?which we all want, right? =)

And don?t be intimidated by the subject, this is no rocket science. In fact, branding and marketing is based on common sense and human emotions, and I hope you have both of those. =)

Course Overview

This course is divided into 4 separate sections. The first section, which you are watching right now, is the introduction section, which will give you the foundation of the subject before we get deeper into all different elements.

The second section covers the internal branding profile, which basically are all branding elements that make up the heart and soul of your business. For example: your core values, your story, beliefs and business culture. These are things that your customers will not know about in a direct manner, but they have a huge effect on how you develop your external branding profile.

The third section covers the external branding profile, like your logotype, color scheme, typography etc. Think of these two different sections as two sides of the same coin. One can not exist without the other.

The final section is a bonus section with extra resources, my bonus tips and practical examples to help you get started and take action.


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