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Brian Moran – Live 2014 Two Bootcamp Recordings


Published on: December 10, 2020
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It was the summer of 2010, early July to be exact. It had been nearly a year since I started my first site,, where I was trying to sell information products (ebooks, videos, etc) that would teach baseball players how to improve their game. Even more impressive, I had just graduated, landed a soul-sucking desk job, and was still living in my parent?s basement (trying to save up for my upcoming wedding in October). I had almost decided to stop working on my site, stop wasting time on tactics that were obviously not getting me any results. I had no traffic coming to my site, no email list or subscribers reading my blog posts, and certainly no one had decided to buy any of my products. And then it happened. I decided as a last-ditch effort I would start trying to use my fan page in an entirely different way from what I saw most people doing at the time?and that?s when the magic happened. And just under 8 weeks later, here?s what happened.


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