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Brian Tracy – 21st Century Sales Training For Elite Performance


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What if I told you – you could be outselling and making more money than all your peers in your industry, niche or office – in just 35 weeks or less?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an agent in an office or if you own your own business. What I’m about to share with you can (and has) doubled sales time and time again.

Allow me to introduce you to…

Let me quickly give you a brief tour of the modules you’ll discover in each of the Seven Key Results Areas…

This training course pulls back the curtain on the secrets of top performers and gives you a roadmap to success that can cut years off your prosperity curve.

You only need to improve your skills by 2% each week in the 7 Key Results Areas to double your sales in 35 weeks!

And I’ve made it incredibly easy for you.

Any sales person can close the “easy” ones. But top earners know the real money is in tipping customers sitting on the fence.

In this module, you’ll discover tactics like…

And much, much more…

You may have noticed top performers rarely negotiate. They don’t “take a cut” on their commissions. Instead, they build a “moat” around themselves to ensure negotiations don’t even happen. In this module, you’ll discover…

And much more…

Top performers make 80% of the income because they act, behave and make daily decisions that are different from everyone else. You’ll discover…

And much more…

I can say with certainty, that if you’ll just put each module to use – improving your skills by just 2% a week…you will double your sales this year.


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