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Brian Tracy – Power of Personal Achievement Home Study Program


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This video Set is basically 3 days’ worth of edited footage from my live 3-day “Power of Personal Achievement? event, for which attendees paid thousands of dollars.

It gives you over 16 hours of instruction, broken down into the following sections:
The Psychology of Achievement – equip yourself with sharp skills, fresh ideas, more drive and new techniques to get an edge on the competition as you achieve your goals.
Seven Mental Laws – understand and live in harmony with these laws and you control your way of thinking, your expectations, and ultimately, your circumstances.
Unlocking Your Potential (parts 1 and 2) – 85% of your success is determined by your attitude. Don’t leave this to chance! Get the strategies you need to improve your attitude and increase your capabilities.
Your Subconscious Powerhouse – discover the functions of and relationship between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, and greatly exceed your previous levels of accomplishment.
Taking Charge of Your Life – accept the fact that you’re the architect of your destiny, take responsibility for your life, and you’re on your way to achieving your full potential.
Eliminating Negative Emotions – negative emotions are the main obstacle to your happiness – and the great aim in life is to be happy. Discover how to eliminate negative emotions so you can move forward without hindrance.
Releasing Your Brakes – discover the root of your negative emotions so you can effectively eliminate them, permanently.
The Worry Buster – worry is negative imagination, and it causes stress and anxiety that can stop you from taking risks necessary to your accomplishing your goals. Fortunately, worry is a conditioned response, and you can learn to stop it.
Programming Your Mind for Success – if you want to make a change in who you are, you first must change your self-concept. When you do, success becomes automatic.
Changing Your Self-Concept – once you’ve clearly identified who you really want to be, you can take steps to change your self-concept – and yourself.
The New Mental Diet – everything you allow to influence your thinking affects your subconscious mind, and therefore your potential and results.
Software for the Brain – your most precious resource is time, and now that you’re aware of the need to change your thoughts, you may be anxious to make the changes quickly. Formatting your brain with new software allows you to do so automatically.
Rapid Learning Techniques – consider that the average person uses less than 10% of his or her thinking capacity. Your potential is limitless! Your intelligence is not a matter of IQ, but a matter of the way you think and act.
Five Keys to Goal Setting – the master skill of success is the ability to set goals and to create action plans for the accomplishment of those goals. Discover the secret of intense goal orientation and reap the results.
The Seven Step Goal Setting Process – your ability to effectively set and achieve goals will help you achieve greater success and happiness, more than any other skill you can learn. Master it!
Your Personal Mission – without a personal mission, the direction of your energy and resources lacks the focus you need to move forward. A personal mission provides higher meaning and purpose to your life. Define yours and gain momentum!
Your Superconscious Mind (Parts 1 and 2) – your superconscious mind is connected to what humans, over the centuries, have referred to as the Collective Unconscious or the Infinite Intelligence. It’s the source of inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, insights, creativity and brand new ideas the come into the world. Tap into it for unparalleled success.
Time Management Strategies – successful people assert control over their lives by practicing good time management skills. They achieve more than the average individual simply because they use their time effectively. Ho


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