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Business Essentials – Watch before you Launch your Business


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Elite Percent courses are set out in a concise, structured format giving you synthesised learning across the major areas of your life or ones you deem most important to your immediate goals.

Scientifically formulated course to give you the best format for learning. Engineered according to cognitive learning techniques to be 30minutes in length and broken into short 5-10min lectures that allow the brain to absorb more of the information.

This particular course gives the major reasons for getting away from a corporate career and starting your own business. Whether you are a startup or a more established business, there are some essential business strategies and expert practices you should have in place to give you the best chance of growing and being profitable.

We show you what you NEED to have in place before you start and what is essential to growing and controlling your business. We also provide a lecture on the best online channels for your product, where you can leverage the huge audience they already have with minimal marketing dollars, and show you how you can market and start generating massive exposure for your brand and online sales.

Our courses are concise, packed with expert, practical advice and above all can be but to use in your business right away.

Business Essentials ? Watch before you Launch your Business


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