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Byron Metcalf – The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series Combo Pak


Published on: December 9, 2020
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The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series consists of four audio-guided meditations designed to assist and support you in fully developing the fundamental capacities, potentials and essential qualities of your heart.

Each 15-minute meditation utilizes the Shaman’s Heart heartbeat rhythm as a foundation with analog textures and atmospheres by Steve Roach, shamanic instruments and sounds, and Field Effect Audio Technology?. This unique and potent combination of ancient and modern technologies provides powerful and comprehensive support for developing your emotional and psycho-spiritual intelligence and maturity. Consistent and systematic use of these meditations can result in a radically enhanced capacity for living a fully authentic, soul-based and heart-centered life.

The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series incorporates and expands on the universal model of the Four-Chambered Heart found in the arts and indigenous wisdom teachings. The meditations are specifically designed to help develop the primary capacities and essential qualities of the heart: Clear and Intelligent; Full and Compassionate; Open and Trusting; Strong and Powerful. The meditation series also utilizes the corresponding Shaman’s Heart 4-Directions/Medicine Wheel as additional support for your development and includes audio instructions for each meditation along with a detailed user’s guide.

The Shaman’s Heart Digital Combo-Pak also includes Earth Om – Sacred Resonance & The Shaman’s Heart (Original Version) Album


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