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Carlos Xuma – Natural Attraction Blueprint – Black Belt Coaching


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Your Foolproof Dating Plan – Custom Fit For YOU: How To Overcome Your Shyness & Fear, How To Approach ANY Woman With Your Own Custom-Built Blueprint, And Walk Away With A Date?

How Do You Get ?Customized? And ?Personalized? With Stuff That Works – For YOU? I’m about to share a solution with you – one of my most closely guarded ‘trade secrets. I’m only going to have this page available for a short time – and for a good reason, as you’re about to see.

If you’re trying every trick in the book to overcome your approach anxiety or confidence issues, you can knock that off right now? If you’re spending more time at home than out there with women – for ANY reason – forget about it?

You’re about to find out what to do to turn it all around. The answer is ?Custom coaching. Instead of just passively listening, reading another ebook that you forget about the next day? ?what if you could get someone who can give you the custom words and ?lines? – and give you your own back-pocket plan for meeting women? How I ?Accidentally? Discovered The Secrets To Meeting The Women *I* Wanted? Look, I never wanted to read some scripts to get women attracted to me and interested in me. I knew (just like you know) that you MUST have solid INNER game, too. But let’s face it, at some point you will do ANYTHING you need to to just stop the pain and start meeting women. You can work on your confidence all day, but in the end you need something to SAY to women, right? So if using some packaged routine worked for some other guy, well it’s at least worth trying. The good news is that you can create a personalized system for overcoming your shyness and fear, meeting women consistently, and getting results consistently – and without relying on someone else’s personality. This isn’t about doing any of the traditional ?pickup artist? stuff. We’re going to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work? It’s much easier and it’s a lot faster for you because we’re going to only use what WORKS! Are You Sleepwalking Through Your Approaches? Imagine this: You’re out doing some shopping and you spot beautiful blonde. All of a sudden, you find yourself standing in front of her – and you don’t remember ten minutes of hovering around her or working up your courage before you did it. Whoah. Cool. And before any fear or shyness can sabotage you, you’ve already started a conversation with her. (The words just literally FELL out of your mouth. You didn’t have to stand there and hope that you could remember what that other guru dude said?) It’s almost like you’re on cruise-control, and everything is just taking care of itself. And it REALLY feels good because you know this is you talking, and not some freaky script you got off a forum. It’s YOU. She responds to you automatically, because without a moment’s hesitation you’re giving off perfect body language and confidence signals. In a few seconds she’s laughing. A few minutes later you realize you’re drinking your Starbucks coffee and reading the paper. She’s gone. But wait, did you actually?? Yup, you check your phone and you see her name and her phone number programmed in. Right along with another 3 girls you met earlier that day. It’s like you just pushed a button and this program ran itself and did all the work for you. You were just along for the ride. No fear or rejection. And for once you could just enjoy the moment of talking with a beautiful woman without sweating or feeling sick to your stomach. Well, I want to show you how to create your own ?Black Box? for meeting women. A complete and personalized system for:

Overcoming shyness Opening a conversation with a woman Getting her laughing and interested in you – Good and HOOKED! And walking away with her phone number, date, or MORE.

I call this the Natural Attraction Blueprint. It will fit you and YOUR personality. Instead of acting and having to become some creepy and manipulative actor using lines that feel creepy and weird, yo


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