Carlos Xuma – Power Social Skills


Published on: December 14, 2020
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“Would You

Like To
Avoid People’s Games,
Connect More Authentically With Others,

And Get The Rewarding Social Life
You’ve Always Wanted…?”


you’ve ever wanted to TRANSFORM YOURSELF
from shy and socially awkward
into an amazing social leader,

about to learn information
that will absolutely change your life…

CARLOS XUMA’S DESK: Friday, 5:43 PM.

The one skill that they don’t teach you about in school

is also the one that will either make you a great success in life, or

I’m going to tell you all about this skill in a second,

but first let me ask you a couple questions:

    • Have you ever been in a social situation where you

      just knew someone was messing with you,

      but you didn’t know what to do about it?

    • Have you ever had someone in your family that just

      knew exactly how to put you on the spot – and they’d leave you with

      that shaky, angry feeling because you

      knew you’d been made a fool out of?

    • Have you ever known a person who could just predict

      everything you were going to say, and leave you with no ammo at all,

      and you felt like you were totally manipulated? And


    • Did you ever suspect there are unwritten “rules” to

      socializing that you just don’t “get”? That if you just knew the

      “rules” that these people are using for their games, you could at least

      be on a level playing field?

    • Do you ever feel like you’ve missed opportunities

      with somebody – maybe a romantic interest – because you don’t

      have the right skills to respond correctly and make the

      interaction “count” for more?

    • Do you often feel like you’re missing a depth and a

      level of relationship connection that you

      want to achieve because you don’t understand how to get past your

      partner’s games?

Now, on the other hand, have you ever been with someone


  • Could de-fuse any confrontation and

    make friends in the process?

  • Could spot when they were being played

    or manipulated – and somehow turn it back around on the other person?

  • Always knew the right thing to say to

    put someone in their place?

  • Knew how to read a social situation in

    just a few seconds and “feel out” everyone in the group?


I always wanted to be that person.

I was so shy growing up that I never really got an

understanding of social dynamics the way some people seemed to. They

always seemed so natural with it, too, which made it even harder to

believe that I’d ever figure it out.

A long while back, I remember going to a singles party where everyone

was really uptight and hard to talk to. I felt a little uncomfortable

because it felt like they weren’t really there to meet people and have


You might recognize some of the clues I saw of weird “gamey” behavior

at this party:

  • A lot of the guys were very aggressive and insecure
  • Many of the women seemed guarded and distant

    and I found myself suckered into buying drinks – without

    getting any phone numbers…

  • A lot of people seemed to push emotional buttons

    on me like I was a remote control…

  • Almost no one there seemed like they were there to have a good time…

    they all seemed to have an agenda.

You probably figured this out already, but what I felt and didn’t recognize

until later was this:

“Everyone Was

Playing Me!
And Playing
Social Games With Me…”

The experience felt so awful at the time, and the people seemed so difficult,

mostly because I didn’t know how to handle it when people played

social games with me. The party probably wasn’t as bad as I

remember it, but my social skills were.

And I’ve still found people like this lurking almost everywhere in

my life. At work, at the bars and clubs, at parties and social gatherings…

even at family gatherings.


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