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Chad Burroughs – Lean Enterprise – A Simplified Learning Experience (2016)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn the Tools and Leadership Behaviors that can Add Value

Help your company remain competitive and profitable! In this course I will show you how a Lean Enterprise works and the tools used to promote a lean environment. You will also know the behaviors that are required to ensure a successfule Lean Enterprise.

In this course you will get an intimate understanding of the Lean Enterprise from an instructor who has 20 years of experience studying and practicing the very concepts taught in this course. I will share you what works and reveal to you what doesn?t work from actual applications.

The concepts you learn in this course can be used in manufacturing, service or transactional environments.

You will know the behaviors lean leaders exude.
You will know the concepts that work in a lean environment.
You will gain a deeper understanding of the many lean tools that make Lean successful.

You will get the tools and the behaviors of a Lean Enterprise! Both are important to know and understand!

I use practical examples of lean and how to apply the tools in everyday life. This gives my students a great frame of reference and enhances their learning experience.

I use a sketchpad to enhance certain concepts. I also use videos, fun games and more of a conversational style of instructing.

This course is for anyone wishing to learn more about the Lean Enterprise. This includes (but not limited to)

I will continually add material to the course after it is launched to keep my students updated on the latest news, tools, and techniques.


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