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Chad Kimball – Reputation Management Hacks


Published on: December 10, 2020
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My aunt sent me this desperate request.

You see, their business got sued a few years back.

It was a bogus lawsuit, a total money grab.

The Judge basically threw it out.

But then, their worst nightmare came true:

A government page about this lawsuit showed up in google.

EVEN WORSE: It was one of the TOP results in google when you searched for their business.

Their reputation was suffering and they were losing business. No one bothered to read the lawsuit to see that it was totally false. They just got spooked and took their business somewhere else.

I told my Aunt no problem I can help. I’m suppose to be a SEO Guru, right? I’ve consulted with many others with reputation management problems and helped them. This will be a piece of cake!

WRONG! I don’t know if you ever tried to knock an authority .GOV page out of google, but that thing just would not budge! I tried all the usual tactics for removing pages like this, and nothing worked.

I’m supposed to be this guru SEO wizard, and yet I could not get it to move. It was driving me nuts.

Finally, I went back to the drawing board. Forget backlinks. Forget press releases, web 2.0 pages, and all the other standard ways to do this. I didn’t want to do negative SEO because it was my Aunt’s business and wanted to stay at least “greyhat.”

I went through the archives of my SEO mastermind groups and private blackhat forums. Had anyone dealt with this before?

And there it was, buried deep, a discussion about a totally different ranking factor that had nothing to do with backlinks or articles or pagecount.

The best thing about this google ranking factor is, hardly anyone tries to use this for profit.

Like I said before, hardly anyone talks about it.

Probably because it only works in reputation management situations.

This is a very low priority for Google, totally under the radar. There are very few automatic checks in place to protect this from abuse.

I will teach you how to do this in my new training.

First, you combine a couple tools. One you have probably already heard of and may even own, it is a common tool for Internet Marketers.

The other is almost unknown but easy to get. (Neither of these have anything to do with backlinks by the way.)

The automated tool does all the work for you, and literally removes negative results from google’s first page, in front of your eyes.

The Here’s a screenshot of my Aunt’s page 1 results.

Note, on the right side you can see all the other stuff I tried.. I got them a 1 box/site listings, created youtube videos, web 2.0 pages etc..

Only this “Reputation Factor” process worked in the end!

The best thing about this is, once you complete the process, these bad links stay off page one. If you ever see one start creeping back, I can show you a simple process to kick them back very easily.

The web is filled with people wishing they could make bad results just “go away.”

People are desperate to protect their reputations.

It is easy to find these people and get them as clients. They’ll pay you $500-$1000 and all you’ll have to do is push a button to deliver their results.

1. Go on and look for local businesses who are listed there.

2. Search google for their business name.

3. If a link is on the first page of google, email


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