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Chad Kimball – Top Youtube Comments Training 2015


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Youtube top comments are a way to siphon massive traffic from high traffic  Youtube videos. You can do this without having to create a video yourself.

    The way it works:

    This used to be a popular technique for making money on Youtube. I know guys that were making $1000+ per day on top comments alone.

    Then Youtube shut the whole thing down.

    But I’ve cracked the code again, you can use my techniques to get massive top comments traffic once again!

    (The new way is much more stable)

    And hardly anyone else knows how to do it.

    This means you’ll often be the only person using this technique for traffic in your niche.

    I see videos all the time that have ZERO competitors using this for traffic.

    These types of videos used to have tons of people competing for the “top comments” spot.

    These videos are just waiting for you to exploit!


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