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Charles Black – Dirty Talk Mastery SHUT YOUR MOUTH


Published on: December 10, 2020
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And Only open it again during sex
after you discover the secret language
?that bypasses the rational mind of any woman* 
and directly talks to her ?inner animal? instincts

*Regardless of her age, marital status, or upbringing

BECAUSE if you don’t know what you are saying or how you are saying it during sex? you are doomed to failure. (You’ll be slapped, dumped, or worse? she’ll laugh at your face)

But IF you get it right?

(and on this page, I’ll show you how to QUICKLY and EASILY master this ‘secret language?)

‘then she’ll be waiting for you in a sexy school uniform? insisting YOU to be her private teacher for this ‘secret language? class that is IRRESISTIBLE to her ears!

From the desk of world renowned sexcoach Charles Black:

Sitting in front of me in a doggie position?

Making a ?perfect curve? with her back? 

Featuring her round, cellulite-free ass?

Her ?body language? was so inviting, it’s like her ass came alive and seductively shouted at me:

? ?Come here, I’m yours!?

And if you think, that is the ‘secret language? I mentioned before?

?nothing could be further from the truth!

Her body language was VERY seductive?

?but, by that time, I had seen a lot of perfect bodies in all forms, sizes and colours? all with pretty appealing body language.

What made this woman (Let’s call her ?Hotchick? for the purposes of anonymity) unique and ?unforgettable? to this day, was the way she started talking to me?

?while I was penetrating her in that same doggie position.

? ?Don’t you want to slap my ass harder, Charles?? she said.

This was my first introduction to ?Hotchick’s? private ‘secret language? class.

As you may discover a bit later on this page, Hotchick made a very smooth transition to her first sentence – thanks to the ‘softener words? she had used.

Without saying a word, I slapped her ass harder.

? ?Now, that is better!? she said, right after she moaned as a result of my hard slap.

I didn’t know it at the time, but months later I discovered that this was another ‘trick? she used on me (in fact, two different psychological techniques) to make me do more of what she wants me to do.

Her plan was working perfectly.

And I was naively thinking that I was the one getting all the benefits?

?While She Was Turning Me
Into Her Sex Toy!

(And, in her defence, who would be a better candidate for her as a male sex toy – with all the bedroom skills that I have?)

That is right!

She was turning me into her sex toy? using only a few words and some primal sounds.

The words on this page can’t do justice to Hotchick’s unique ability to seduce me with her moans, groans, words, and stories? but she was a MASTER of dirty talk!

Still the best female dirty talker I’ve ever seen to this day.

And I hate to admit this?

But at that time, my understanding of ‘dirty talk? was limited to saying vulgar things during sex.

She gave me a new definition for dirty talk.

That is why I like to use the phrase ‘secret language? more often than the commonly misused and misunderstood ‘dirty talk? term. (But from here on, for lack of a better term, I’m going to use both interchangeably).

Hotchick was so good at talking dirty during sex?

?in pursuit of turning me into her sex toy, she started teaching me more and more.

But I Was Determined To Turn The Tables?

So I started observing and noting Hotchick’s words and commands?

Reading on the topic (and I hate to tell you this, but there is a lot of crap out there!)

Interviewing my network of friends (including porn stars and top dating coaches?)

And most importantly, putting what I had been learning about this ‘secret language? to the test, on other girls that I was sleeping with.

The results were astonishing!

Using this ‘secret language? system I was able to awaken the inner slut of any and every woman – easier than ever before!

This was like learning a new language (like Russian) and getting access to a totally new breed of women? in terms of how they look and behave in bed.

In fact, this ‘secret language? was better than learning a new language?

?because when done right, it bypasses the logical brain of any woman and directly talks to her ?inner animal? instincts? and opens new doors in her mind to turn your fantasies into reality.


There Is One Downside?

This secret language, which I’ll call ‘dirty talk? from now on?

?has a unique set of rules, principles, and techniques.

For example, I’ve created these three mottos to represent the three most important rules for dirty talk.

  • If you’re not a mute, don’t act like one.
  • There are levels to this shit.
  • Speaking French, does not make you French.

I know, they are somewhat cryptic, but they become crystal clear once you start to understand the principles and secrets behind them.

These secrets and principles are important?

?because, opening your mouth in bed WITHOUT knowing them will create disastrous results.

You’ll be slapped, dumped, or worse? get accused of verbally raping her!

But IF you get these SECRETS right? she’ll be waiting for you in a sexy school uniform? insisting YOU be her private teacher for this ‘secret language? class that is IRRESISTIBLE to her ears!

?How Can I
Get My Hands
On These Secrets Now??

One way to get your hands on these secrets would be to get ?one-on-one coaching? from me.

But right now? you CAN?T do that.

I don’t offer one-on-one coaching anymore.


Because I have amazing places to go? beautiful photos to take? poker tournaments to win? gorgeous women to fuck? good friends to hang out with? and a dozen other hobbies that I’m passionate about.

In other words?

I have a LIFE.

(And here’s some unsolicited life advice for you: If you don’t have a life, close this page, shut your computer or smartphone down? and, go get a life! If you don’t have real-life women in your life (inflatable ones don’t count!) do NOT chase after these secrets? they won’t do you any good).

And I never liked that one-on-one coaching thing to be a part of life?

‘that’s why I stopped doing it late last year.

But I have a new hobby that I’m VERY passionate about?

?and it’s writing stuff!

That’s why I send you an email every single day, and I post blog posts several times a week?

?and I write *books* whenever I see an opportunity to share my genius and marvellous writing skills.

Recently, I put the finishing touches on my second book?

?and you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that it’s on ?Dirty Talking.


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