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Chris Beatty – Maps Attack Pack


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This ?Foot In The Door? Strategy Is Slapping You In The Face And You Don?t Even Realize It!
Let me show you exactly how to capitalize on it and fill your client pipeline to the brim!
Chris Beatty
Founder, Rapid Fire Media LLC
Dear Struggling Marketing Consultant, You have a unique opportunity at this very moment to get a ton of new clients thanks to our friends at the ?Big G? aka Google! You see, they just caused one of the biggest ?shifts? the LOCAL search results have seen in a loooooong time! As a result, there are a lot of pissed off business owners. And if you know anything about sales, when someone is in a heightened emotional state, it?s PRIME TIME for selling!
Here?s The Big ?Shift? That Just Happened And How You Can Use It To Your Advantage!
If you?ve been doing local marketing for ANY Amount of time, you probably know all about ?Google My Business? ? ?Google Maps? ? ?Google Places? ? ?Google Local? or whatever the heck they are calling it these days!


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