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Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course


Published on: February 9, 2022
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The author of Advanced Price Action Course is Chris Capre. Apart from being the founder of 2ndskiesforex, Chris Capre has also authored other courses including; Advanced Traders Mindset Course and Advanced Ichimoku Course. He has also authored a free beginners guide to Forex trading covering basic trading concepts, trading psychology and trading the Ichimoku indicator.

Chris Capre refers to himself as a Buddhist, trader and a philanthropist. He has 15 years experience in trading price action. His educational background is in Neuroscience and Eastern philosophy and he speaks English, Spanish and French.

“2ndskiesforex Advance Price Action Course” Features

50+ Hours of Video Lessons; Chris Capre teaches exactly how he trades price action with each video lesson containing strategies, techniques and setup examples.


Figure; Advanced Price Action Course Webinars by Chris Capre

  • Weekly trade quizzes
  • Weekly trade setup commentaries and reviews that can be used as a basis for trading ideas
  • Trading forum for all instruments
  • Trading psychology training
  • Monthly webinars
  • Skype follow up sessions

Figure; 2ndskiesforex  Advanced Price Action Course Features live skype sessions

Chris Capre’s Advanced Price Action Couse Contents

  • Section 1; Price Action Context. This section covers the basics of Price Action, understanding impulse versus corrective price action, trends and support and resistance zones. Here you will find tips on how to trade support and resistance levels as well as higher timeframe analysis.
  • Section 2; Critical price action structures you need to know. This second section covers specific market behavior as related to price action
  • Section 3; Trading Breakouts like a pro. This section covers basic order flow concepts and how to identify breakouts that lead to a high reward to risk trade.

Other sections included in the Advanced Price Action Course Include;

  • Tactics and Trade Management Skills
  • Risk and Money Management Models
  • Building your Successful Trading Mindset
  • Your Trade Setups and Live Trade Examples
  • Trading Preparation, Analysis, Review, and Your Trading Plan


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