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Chris Haddad – Video Sales Letters


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This one time introductory special limited offer for the Video Sales Letter Workshop includes: Core Program Modules, including: * Phase 1 ? Research and Preparation
? Discover what your customer values and wants most.
? The FAB formula for making your customer see why your offer is for him/her.
? Understand the elements of persuasion and influence; how and when to use them for maximum effectiveness. * Phase 2 ? Crafting the Sales Letter
? The ?Money Fingers? secret formula for sales videos that convert like crazy.
? The Big Promise ? why you need it, what it is, and how to come up with one.
? How to make them ?An Offer They Can?t Refuse? ? the proven technique for creating offers, and how to communicate the value so it?s a no-brainer ?Yes!? for your ideal prospect.
? The Hook and Story ? How to create a hook and story that captures the attention of your viewer, keeps them engaged and captivated, and virtually eliminates their buying resistance.
? The Pitch ? how to present and communicate your offer in terms your customer really understands and values ? so they can?t help but say ?Yes!?
? Conversion Maximizers ? little tricks and techniques that grease the chute and make ordering your product fast, easy and even fun.
? The Close ? How to seamlessly and elegantly transition from telling to selling and take the viewer hypnotically from the video into your sales and order process. * Phase 3 ? Producing The Video
? Low cost (or free) tools and technology you need to record, edit and produce your videos for streaming online.
? How to setup your software and workflow for maximum ease and efficiency.
? Designing your video sales letter optin page and sales letter pages, and getting your video sales letter minisite online ? ready to take orders.
? Options, tools, and services for storing and delivering your videos online. * Phase 4 ? Mo? Traffic, Mo? Money
? Traffic and automation strategies that turn your video sales letter minisite into your personal 24/7 ATM
? Rolling launches ? how to execute what has been the best-kept insider secret for using your video sales letter minisite to make money with affiliates and partners ? month after month ? quickly and easily.


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