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Chris Shattuck – Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Explore the most important concepts and techniques for site building in Drupal. In this collection, we take on a practical, real-world example and walk through creating and managing content, working with users and installing and configuring modules.

1. Series Overview and Quickly Installing Drupal 7
2. Introduction to Our Project and Reviewing Mockups
3. How to Create and Edit Content
4. How to Work With Menus, Modules and Webform
5. How to Work With Content Types and Fields
6. How to Work With Pathauto and Introduction to Views
7. How to Add Fields to a View and Work With the Date Module
8. How to Fix Broken Views and Work With Taxonomy
9. How to use Term and Node Reference Fields
10. How to Work With Blocks and Permissions
11. Overview of Permissions and Text Formats
12. Configuring Text Formats and Setting Up a WYSIWYG
13. Working With Custom Blocks and Image Styles
14. How to Work With CSS
15. Troubleshooting Module Installation and Configuration
16. Updating Modules and Manipulating CSS
17. More CSS Updates and Troubleshooting Text Formats
18. How to Evaluate Modules and Install IMCE
19. How to configure IMCE and Wrap Up Our Project


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