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Chris Sixty Andersen – 60 Years Of Challenge – The Friend Bomb Formula


Published on: December 9, 2020
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The Friend Bomb Formula ?Become the Worlds Most Powerful Seducer?

How To Become The Worlds Most Powerful Seducer Without Having to Approach Random Women or Risk Rejection

just-girl-whiteMy name is Chris ?Sixty? Andersen and I’ve asked myself the same question every single day for the past 22 years. What is it about the ?special girl? that makes her so hard to get? Well, I now have the answer and I’m going to share this secret with any guy lucky enough to watch this short video before it gets taken down.

It’s called The Friend Bomb and it’s sneaky, evil and genius all rolled into one. It makes a lifetime of disappointment with women disappear in just 15 minutes. And the best part is, it’s connect the dots simple to learn. Simply slip The Friend Bomb into any casual conversation and watch as beautiful women instantly become addicted to you.

You can use this to get back the girl who got away. Or just use it to bang every new girl you meet. And that my friend, is just the beginning. Are you looking for just a one night stand? Or do you want to make her your girlfriend? You might. Or you may just get greedy and use The Friend Bomb to build up an entire rotation of hot women you can sleep with on demand. It’s totally up to you. Because from now on, you hold all the power.

And the best part is, you can experience all of this without approaching any women or getting rejected. However, you’ll have to watch this short presentation to find out how. This video won’t be up for much longer. So discover the secret of the Friend Bomb now and then use it to seduce the women you really want, tonight!


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