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Chris Wark – Square One 2017


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Module 01 contains the First Things I tell everyone I’ve coached about cancer in the first hour we spend together. It will completely change your perspective and the way you think about cancer.

Whether you’re a cancer patient, a caregiver, a family member, a friend, or a loved one of someone who has cancer, or you just want to know the best methods for keeping cancer away, this is where you start.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:
? What cancer really is
? The two most important questions you must ask yourself
? How to overcome fear
? How to build a support system
? The importance of making plans for the future
? How to enjoy your life and your healing journey

Module 02

Why You Have Cancer & How to Eliminate the Causes

The first question every cancer patient asks is ?Why me? Why did I get cancer??
This module will help you connect the dots and identify the many factors in our world and in your life that may have contributed to your disease. Once you know the causes of cancer, you can remove them from your life, making it easier for your body to heal.
Topics include:
? The origins of cancer
? The 3 pillars of health and healing
? Lessons from countries with the lowest cancer rates
? The cancer promoting diet vs. the cancer healing diet
? Cancer causers in our environment
? Cancer promoting habits
? And so much more!

Module 03

Nutrition is the foundation of health. And I get more questions about anti-cancer foods and the cancer healing diet than just about any other topic relating to cancer.

In Module 3 I cover the specifics of anti-cancer nutrition. I will teach you exactly what to eat, and what not to eat, and show you the the nutritional science that supports it all. This is a simple, powerful, proven dietary protocol.
Topics include:
? What not to eat: Foods that promote disease
? The most potent anti-cancer veggies and spices
? My daily anti-cancer schedule
? Juicing, juice formulas and juicers
? And more!
Module 04

In tonight’s module, we’re going to dive EVEN DEEPER into anti-cancer nutrition. You better bring a snorkel! LOL!

Topics include:
? The most powerful anti-cancer fruits
? My personal dietary journey
? Modifications you can make to the anti-cancer diet over time
? Raw food vs cooked food
? Whether or not to include animal protein
? How long you need to stay on a strict dietary protocol
? The ketogenic diet for cancer
? And more!

Module 05:

In tonight’s Module, I identify the most destructive toxins (many of which we load up on everyday without even realizing it!) and how to remove them from your life so healing can occur.
Don’t worry, it’s actually easier than it sounds.
Here’s what we’ll cover:
? How your body detoxifies
? How you can improve and accelerate the process
? Foods that promote toxicity
? Foods that promote detoxification
? How to detoxify your environment
? Helpful detoxification supplements and programs

Module 06

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with cancer patients that were doing everything else right (clean eating, detoxing, taking the right supplements, etc) – but weren’t able to turn a corner until they removed the stresses from their lives.

I know I was a ball of stress before my diagnosis, and for a short while after. Removing the stresses in my life brought me peace and played a HUGE role in my recovery. Here’s what we’ll cover.

? What stress really is
? The anatomy and physiology of stress
? Identifying the different sources of stress in your life
? Solving your problems
? Creating a peaceful life
? The secret to happiness
? The power of your thoughts
? Healing your heart
? Overcoming fear

Module 07

I’m used to taking the road less traveled. I’m an only child?


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