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Chris Winters – Fatspiracy


Published on: December 14, 2020
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  • Full Training: Get access to our full training immediately (no drip feed content).
  • Private Facebook Group: Community is key to your success. Knowledge is useless without belonging to a community of like minded individuals that share a common goals.
  • Professionally Recorded 3 day Bali Event: Others paid $997 plus travel expense and you get it included in your membership.
  • How by following a ?low fat diet? will actually cause you to get FATTER!!
  • Lose years of unwanted bodyfat without depending on your willpower or caloric restriction
  • Most ?weight lose-health stuff? we’ve learned is DEAD WRONG.
  • Why consuming less calories than you burn is outdated advice that will lead to WEIGHT GAIN.
  • How to end SUGAR cravings so you can finally lose the weight you always wanted.
  • This is for action takers and doers NOT tire kickers and those that want to try it to see if it works. This system is proven and only requires your participation.


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