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Published on: December 10, 2020
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Dear Coach,

Introducing, ?Group Coaching Goldmine: How to Double or Triple Your Income With Group Coaching, Tele-Classes, Tele-courses, & Webinars.?

In this powerful, two-part training program, Christian Mickelsen will give you more ways to get clients, grow your income, and help more people via tele-classes, workshops, webinars, group coaching programs, and tele-courses.

You?ll learn:

  •  How to schedule the start up of a group program when you don?t have anyone in your program yet

  •  What to do when you?re scheduled to start your program next week but you only have 1 or 2 people, but you wanted to have 6

  •  Where to quickly find participants for your group coaching program that you wouldn?t have been able to find for your 1-on-1 coaching

  •  And much, much more!

This program will give you the tools you need to quickly get started with your own group coaching program, teleclass series, or virtual workshops. Here are all of the details?

Here?s What?s Included?

You?ll receive two content-rich training videos that you can stream online.

You?ll want to listen multiple times to learn?

  •  How to make more money per hour while actually charging LESS

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