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Christina Katz – The Art Of Selling Articles Like A Seasoned Writing Pro


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Build A Business Offering Your Words To Editors Who Are Eager To Buy Your Work & Pay You For It

Finally, a course that focuses on how to sell your articles and nothing else. This is going to be the best course on selling articles that you have ever taken.

Why? Because you will learn how to approach editors in four different ways and you will know which approach to use when.

You’ll learn the four ways to engage editors so they will buy your words, including how to:

Write cover letters
Compose query letters
Mass-submit articles
Send a letter of introduction
In each scenario, you’ll find out what makes editors sit up and take notice of your work. You’ll learn what to include, what to leave out, and when to supplement your inquiries with more information.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll learn about the most common stumbling blocks to selling, complete with detailed examples. More importantly, you’ll learn what you need to do to become a regular writer for any publication.

This course simplifies selling articles and breaks selling down in ways that make it totally manageable. Even if you’ve been successfully selling articles for a long time, you will learn new skills that will help increase your profits right away.

Those who are new to selling articles will appreciate how this course lowers the barriers to entry and helps you impress editors right out of the gate.

This course contains:

95 pages of worksheets from a writing coach with over 15 years of experience
An hour of encouraging video pep talks
Student-tested exercises to help you clarify and sharpen your submissions
Letter templates you can customize for your own submissions
Examples of successful communications that have gotten the gigs
Not only will you learn how to move beyond your own fears and anxieties about selling, you will also learn how to discover your professional strengths and preferences, so you can go from being unpublished to being widely published as soon as possible.

Having a successful article selling career is not just about being able to make a sale, anyone can do that. Having a successful article selling career is about learning as you submit, loving what you learn, and building up momentum as you cash check after check.

So if you are ready to create an article-writing business others will envy, register now, and get started selling articles like a seasoned pro. This course is designed to fit into your busy schedule, so you can take it on the go.

And the full price of the course is worth the price of the worksheets alone! So it’s a great value with plenty of pep talks from popular writing coach, Christina Katz.


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