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Christopher Guerriero – The Automatic Bestseller


Published on: December 9, 2020
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This Is The Hidden Secret To Making Long-Term Income (On Autopilot),
Retiring Early From The Job You Hate, And Instantly Becoming
A Leader In Any Field-In 30 Days Or Less-Guaranteed!

Let me be clear with you – thousands of authors have written books but make no money – what I’m about to show you goes well beyond just writing a book – I’m about to hand you a proven system to transform your ?idea for a book? into a large, long-term income stream – one that you’ll be proud of – and one that makes your family proud as well.

Now I have this system down to a science – in fact it works time-and-time again for me, and it works time-and-time again for my clients, so there’s no reason why it won’t work time-and-time again for you IF you take action and do what I tell you to do…

…but first, I want you to relax for a second and imagine something with me.

Imagine sitting in your home when a delivery truck pulls up. You rush to the door-knowing exactly why it’s come to your doorstep-and there’s the driver, holding a medium sized box with your name on it.

You quickly scribble your signature, thank the driver, and dash inside with your prize. Nervously, you rip off the tape and pull back the flaps, and then the smell hits you…that intoxicating smell like no other…

The smell of your very own new book.

You look inside and can’t believe your eyes. It’s an entire shipment, hot off the presses. And there, in gleaming gold embossed letters, is your name on the cover.

You pick up a copy and marvel at its weight (?I never thought I had all this in me,? you think to yourself). You turn it over in your hands, feeling the smooth, glossy dust jacket. You flip through the snow white pages and see the words-YOUR words-printed in sharp, black ink.

And suddenly, it hits you…

You… A Published Author !!!

Sound far fetched? It’s really not. In fact, you’re much close than you think…

Not long ago, I had the exact same experience. I had written my first book, sent it off to the printers, and waited anxiously for its arrival. And when the delivery guy finally came to the door, he probably thought I was crazy, because I literally RIPPED the box from his hands!

And when I opened that box, the sweet, sweet smell of those new books was something I’ll never forget. But that wasn’t the best part…

That book-called Maximize Your Metabolism-went on to sell over 60,000 copies in just the next 2 months following that delivery. That’s right-SIXTY THOUSAND copies. (Many authors are lucky if they sell 10).

And here’s the most amazing thing of all…

-I didn’t have a lick of experience as an author.
-I didn’t have an ?insider source? at a big publishing house (In fact, they all rejected me!)
-I didn’t have a billion-dollar story like J.K. Rowling.


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