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Christopher Walker – Testshock Program


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


Discover How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Quickly & Safely With A Simple Training, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Protocol…

You want to increase your testosterone naturally.

No gels.
No prescriptions.
No drugs.

And you don’t want it to be back-breakingly difficult (of course not, who wants to do something that’s unsustainable and unrealistic? Not me, and probably not you).

It’s been called “The complete A to Z guide to natural testosterone optimization? by

And for good reason…

It contains literally everything you need to know – and do – to optimize your body’s natural testosterone production systems (feedback loops).

The TestShock program includes:

? Full 264 Page “Black Edition? Program
? 3 Hour Long Audiobook Version

It is a system made by Christopher Walker for boosting testosterone for any gentleman who is confronted with the issue of low testosterone. The system uncovers a demonstrated characteristic treatment technique that attempts to successfully bring your testosterone once more to an ideal level. The Testshock system accompanies instructive substance and a complete orderly framework that has been particularly organized to make this help in testestorone happen for you quick. Christopher Walker found and created the framework from his own particular individual experience as somebody who had the same issue and worked long and elusive an answer for himself.

Module 1

01-Module 1 QUICKSTART
02-Conventional Wisdom in Testosterone Enhancement
03-Testosterone Mythbusting
04-Habit Systems Framework
05-Body Language Hacks
06-The Truth About Carbohydrates
07-The Truth About Fats
08-The Magic Of Walking
09-Neuromuscular Training
10-Addressing Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
11-Compensation Supplementation
12-Module 1 Wrap Up

Module 2

01-Fulfilling Nutrient Requirements
02-Introducing Success Systems
03-Meal Routines
04-Life Integration
05-Supplement Warnings
06-Food Quality
07-Warning Dropping Body Fat Too Quickly
08-Warning Fasting
09-Setting Up An Efficient Regimen
10-Designing The Regimen
11-Walking Habits
12-Progressive Strength Gains
13-Client Example Fat Loss Progressive Strength Gains
14-Focusing Away From Fitness
15-Warning Training

Module 3

01-Module 3 The Next Level
02-Sleeping Patterns
03-The Right Mindset
04-Calorie Requirements
05-Decreasing Body Fat
06-Intermittent Fasting
07-Macro Requirements
08-The Best Macro Sources
09-Mitigate Stress


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