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Clayton Makepeace – High Noon


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Clayton Makepeace Copywriting Compendium Super-Package

This is some of Clayton?s best copywriting material all-in-one.

Inside you?ll find:

* A document called ?Beat The Blank Page Blues? that takes you step by step through Clayton?s personal copywriting process. (Clayton?s personal Copywriting Templates.)

* A 10 minute interview between Bob Serling and Clayton Makepeace

* An interview between Daniel Levis and Clayton Makepeace for Daniel?s ?Masters Of Copywriting? program in PDF form

* 2 Special Bonus Reports by Clayton ?Get Paid To Build A Power Packed Portfolio? and ?7 Qualities of a Great Client?;

* Claytons ?High Noon? Teleseminars he did with Bob Bly 6 seperate times! All 6 teleseminars (each 70-80 minutes) are packed with gems of copywriting information.

* A special Article by Clayton called ?How I Bagged $5 Million In Internet Sales In 5 Short Weeks?;

* And Clayton?s Rare Audio Call called ?37 PROVEN WAYS TO GET BIGGER WINNERS, MORE OFTEN?;

This is the ?Makepeace Motherloade?.


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