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Craig Blewett – Website Design


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Website Design in 5 mins from scratch, using Weebly! No coding!

What’s the course about?

Web development – Plain and simple. Everyone needs a website, whether it’s to market your business, sell your new e-book, make money through advertising and affiliate marketing, or just for your family. The problem is that it just seems so difficult to create, and so really expensive to get someone else to do it for you.

Try Google “custom website design? and see what you find. You’ll find companies offering to design a site for $500, $1000, and more. And don’t forget the monthly fee, which can be anything from $50 upwards. So, that’s not an option for most of us, unless you have your own private jet – in which case you can probably buy the website design company.

The other option is to create your own website. However this sends tremors of fear rippling through your body as you imagine weeks and months of trying to learn Javascript, HTML, XML, and what the ‘L. Or maybe you can try and master WordPress. Some say that is not too hard. Yeah sure! It’s also not too hard to do a backflip on a trampoline (or so I’m told). But you’re likely to hurt yourself trying.

The Web Development Solution – A simple drag and drop way to design a website. This course will show you how to use an awesome online website creator to design the most professional looking site possible. In fact I will start of by letting you watch me create an amazing website in under 5 minutes. Yes, that’s correct. It is possible to create a fully functional, professional website in 5 minutes, if you know how! And I will show you how to do just that! By the end of the course…actually by the end of the first section you will be able to create a website in 5 minutes too!

I’ll show you how to develop a website that includes videos, images, contact forms, a blog, twitter feeds, contact forms and more. And you do not need to know anything about website creation, HTML or anything else. It’s simply copy/paste, drag/brag!

We will also cover other important things (after you’ve mastered creating your site) such as choosing a domain name, buying a domain, getting images and video, etc. And to really make sure the website you develop is not only awesome but professional and money generating, there is a section where I will share Power Tips from the experts. Tips on getting free resources, making sure your website looks professional, making sure your website is found in Google (Search Engine Optimisation), and even some power tips on how to turn your website into a money making machine!


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