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Cranial Manipulation: Theory and Practice


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This expertly authored book is a valuable clinical manual for therapists interested in cranial manipulation, a fast-growing area of manual therapy practice. The new edition presents the latest thinking on the use of this valuable approach, supported by the most up-to-date research evidence related to its use. Osteopathic biomechanical and biodynamic concepts are thoroughly examined, in addition to chiropractic and dental approaches involving cranial and cranio-facial manipulation.

The book?s unique approach explores both soft tissue and osseous applications, and provides guidance on which option to select in different clinical situations. Descriptions and explanations of techniques are supported by high-quality illustrations, a CD-ROM containing actual video demonstrations, and practical exercises integrated within the text.
Cranial osteopathic, cranio-sacral, sacro-occipital (chiropractic), cranio-facial, and dental methods and perspectives are explained and compared.
Evidence-based coverage highlights the clinical relevance of the latest research findings.
Both osseous and soft tissue assessment and treatment options, and offers guidance on appropriate selection.
Clear line drawings supplement the text.
Important discussions of theory support guidelines for putting concepts into practice.
Numerous exercises on palpation, assessment, and treatment allow the reader to practice techniques and check their understanding as they go.
Written by one of the most highly respected practitioners in the field.
A companion CD-ROM contains the entire text as well as video segments demonstrating how to perform the technique.
Icons in the text direct readers to video footage on the CD-ROM that demonstrates the technique as it?s described.
Expanded information is provided on the use of this technique with children.
A question-and-answer format has been incorporated into several chapters.
A new chapter addresses conditions most commonly treated successfully with this technique.
New two-color design clarifies the illustrations and makes the text easy to follow.
New contributed chapters discuss the scope of cranial work, the biodynamic model of osteopathy in the cranial field, chiropractic in the cranial field, the link between cranial dysfunction, and the teeth from a dental perspective.


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