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creativeLIVE – Marketing for Photographers


Published on: December 9, 2020
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You know how to focus your camera, NOW focus your business. Professional photographers today have greater marketing capabilities and reach than at any time in the history of photography, but a winning strategy has to be aligned across all aspects of your business. Skip Cohen will take you through a complete analysis of your business and give you tools for growth. Skip will focus on the art of a successful website, developing PR campaigns, planning your promotional calendar, networking, branding and time management, just to name a few.


WELCOME: Day 1 Pre-Show Banter
9:00 am – Introduction
9:15 am – Potential in the Industry
10:00 am – Becoming Your Own Publicity Machine
10:45 am – Holiday Cards & Stationery
11:30 am – Direct Mail Marketing Tools
12:45 pm – Beating the Economy with Diversity
1:15 pm – Diversity Q&A
1:30 pm – Skip’s Summer School
2:00 pm – Skype Interview: Vicki Taufer
2:30 pm – Your Website
3:00 pm – Your Website: About Page
3:45 pm – Your Website: Galleries

WELCOME: Day 2 Pre-Show Banter
9:00 am – Day 1 Review
9:15 pm – Your Website: Blogs
9:45 am – Your Website: Contact Pages
10:00 am – Skype Call: Matthew Jordan Smith
10:45 am – Giving Back
11:15 am – Skype Call: Bambi Cantrell
11:45 am – Writing for Photographers
1:00 pm – Pricing
1:30 pm – Where to Get Help
2:30 pm – Thanks + Credits
2:45 pm – Promotions 101
3:30 pm – Getting Published
3:45 pm – BONUS: What Not to Name Your Website
4:00 pm – A Picture’s Value and Final Wrap-Up

Skip Cohen
Skip Cohen is president of Marketing Essentials International, a consulting firm specializing in photography projects. He is past president of Rangefinder Publishing Inc., where he oversaw Rangefinder and AfterCapture magazines, the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Association, and the WPPI trade show. He is founder of Skip’s Summer School, the Akron Photo Series, and co-founder of and Skip has co-authored six books on photography and can be found at


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