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Curriculum For Wealth Course – The Wealth Factory


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Build your wealth and keep it Personal and professional finance architecture for Entrepreneurs Personal Finance is Different for Entrepreneurs It?s not about handing your money over to the stock market, or putting it in a retirement plan, and hoping it works out. It?s not about diversification, it?s about focus. And it?s not about complexity, it?s about simplification, minimizing risk, and optimizing cash flow. How It Works Wealth Factory gathers all the pieces of your financial puzzle together under one unified plan. We call this your Financial Blueprint, and we have a team of Wealth Architects who can help you identify your own and customize it to your own unique values and strengths. The Process Strategies, Education, Customized Framework, Experts, Integration Treating your personal finances like a business means focusing primarily on increasing production and cash flow, not cutting back and budgeting. We provide comprehensive educational materials for 25 different areas of personal finance specific to entrepreneurs. Our team of ?financial nerds? studied the best time-honored financial principles used by the most successful businesses over the last century. Then they applied those same principles to personal finance specifically optimized for business owners. Why go to all that trouble? Because entrepreneurs get superior results if they treat their personal finances the same way they run their business. No two individuals are alike. So a financial plan that works for someone else may not work for you. Wealth Factory provides private assessment tools to help you custom-tailor your financial blueprint to your specific situation. We also have a team of Wealth Architects and Wealth Engineers ready to assist you. No one cares about your money more than you do, so we help you create a framework that honors your values and goals. Once you have your customized wealth plan in place, we help you execute that plan. You may choose to use your own financial team, our comprehensive network of vetted providers, or a combination of both. Either way, coordinated teamwork is essential for financial success. This is how ?Family Service? firms help high net-worth individuals build a lasting legacy. We offer a comparable level of boutique financial education and services for the working professional without the high net-worth barrier. Having a full team of financial specialists works best if they are working off the same financial blueprint. Wealth Factory provides you with a financial quarterback to keep every aspect of your wealth plan on task. Keeping the various members of your wealth team on task and working toward your predetermined goals can be tough work, but Wealth Factory handles all those difficult details for you. Do you have answers to these critical financial questions? Do you have an emergency fund set aside?
Are you creating a family legacy?
Are you built to preserve your worth against the ups and downs of the market?
Are you protected against financial pirates and predators?
Do you have a plan around financial privacy and security?
Do you have a process for finding hidden fees in your finances?
Do you have a financial team? You can build a wealth architecture that addresses all of these questions by focusing on critical areas of personal finance like asset protection, estate planning, tax, risk management, and your business. Who We Are Wealth Factory is a comprehensive personal financial education and implementation program for entrepreneurs, health care professionals and small business owners. We are not investment advisors who give stock picks or suggest particular types of investments. We get up every morning to help entrepreneurs and business owners build protection, safety and stability into their finances. Our Mission We believe personal finance doesn?t need to be mysterious and difficult, so we make it interesting and understandable and tail


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