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Customer Success Manager 101 Foundations to your CSM career


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The foundations to become a great Customer Success Manager in a tech company. A very well paid profession on the rise

The only Customer Success Manager course on Udemy

Customer Success Manager Course. The new vital role in the Digital World!

The Internet Era has conquered our society, and as the industry develops, more professional roles are developed to perfect its ever-growing businesses. With this Customer Success course you will acquire all the basic knowledge you need to start in a job that?s taking great importance each new day.

Across the SaaS B2B sector, which stands for: Software as a Service Business-to-Business; the choice is becoming obvious. You either actively manage your customer relationships as strategic portfolio assets, or you effectively cede control over them and your company?s future to chance and/or the competition. Customer acquisition is only the very first step in what must be a long-term, precisely directed strategy.

You see, the SaaS B2B industry is as follows: a Company, or Business, offers another one a software to be used via internet, without having to buy or download the program in question; as a Customer Success Manager, your role is to maintain these customers, and in the process expand and maintain your company?s wealth, and of course, your own.

According to Payscale the average salary for an Entry-Level Customer Success Manager is $59,619 per year, and $69,210 when you are past Entry-level. This salary stretches up to $120,000 a year, as a Customer Success Manager of high performance. This is now, as the industry is in boom. This course will be your first step into the fantastic world of the Digital Industry. It will help you build the foundation for a new career with a great future and excellent salary expectations.

The best part is that this is a job that is most common in startups and tech companies, meaning: the chance to labor in a company with the fabled environments offered by the likes of Google or Facebook. Remember that these companies normally have excellent perks such as:

Free snacks, free catered lunches every day? some even free beer.
Happy hours or cocktail afternoons.
The best health care coverage possible, and even gym memberships.
Amazingly comfortable offices, with plenty of recreational activities around.
Often they will match your 401(K).
Company trips, dinners, events.
Flexible hours and unlimited vacations.
Remote work.
And of course: equity.
If you consider all of this perks, the salary, and how dynamic the Customer Success Manager position is? well then, it?s definitely a great opportunity to invest $20 in a course that could help in your new life vocation.

But make no mistake. This course doesn?t mean a Customer Success Manager position right away. At the end of the day, it all depends on you. If you are willing to really learn and take action. Learn what?s inside this first part of the Customer Success Manager Course. You will be satisfied, I?m sure. If not, you can ask for your money back. This is the trending job, and the chance on board the plane as it takes off, is now.

If you are looking for a new career, to grow in your company, to venture in a startup, or to shift your profession to a very rewarding job with high revenue, this course will help you get started!

So, will you invest 20 bucks for a course that could actually change your future?

The new world awaits you!


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