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Dan Kennedy – 8 Big Ideas


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Eight Faster Than A Speeding Bullet Ways To Dramatically Increase Sales And Profits In Any Business, You May Have Some Splainin To Do. How To Speed Up Your Pace Of Accomplishment To Such A Degree Everybodyll Think Youre Cheating!!

I dont know if Lance Armstrong cheated and used performance enhancing drugs. I dont even know enough to have an opinion. Its easy to understand why lots of jealous and envious and genuinely mystified athletes would think so. His feats seemed super human. I know people suspect me of being some kind of super human freak who never sleeps, works 26 hours a day, secretly uses e mail, and has a hidden staff of hundreds of elves? I do not do any of those things and I SWEAR UNDER OATH THAT I AM NOT USING ANY PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS.

So, why does it seem I get so, so, so, so much more accomplished so much faster than everybody else? There ARE reasons, strategies, and they are not uniquely mine. They are known and shared by a number of the top performing, top earning entrepreneurs who are my private clients, who you hear and read about, as well as by high visibility super entrepreneurs like Donald Trump.

If you are more than merely curious about all this, and would like to significantly increase your own speed of accomplishment, then you will want to accept the generous offer in this letter.

At a recent Glazer Kennedy marketing and Moneymaking SuperConference, I was asked to present THE MOSTPOWERFUL BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGIES that my clients and our top Members use repeatedly, not just to rev up sales and profits in every imaginable kind of business, but to speed up their personal implementation of such strategies. Thats a tall order, because there are so many.

Winston Churchill once said, paraphrased, that if asked to speak on a subject for several hours he needed only minutes to prepare, but if asked to limit his remarks to a few minutes, he needed hours to prepare. Choosing the 10 best breakthrough strategies from all I know, use and see employed was very difficult. Then presenting them all in only 90 minutes proved impossible. Im apologetic in admitting, I only fit 8 of the 10 into my presentation.

Still, itwas an immensely valuable presentation that included: Illuminating the difference between the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs and marketers stymied and sabotaged by lack of resources, by I dont have the time money people to do that vs. those who implement good ideas one right after the other, at high speed and high efficacy. (Actually there are two secrets about this, not just one.)



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