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Dan Kennedy – Event Hacks


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Dear Savvy Entrepreneur or Business Owner, Listen, it?s hard to attract top-quality customers these days. Sure, there are new ways to get customers through social media, Facebook and text messages, but you tend to get a ?mixed bag? of customers. Some of them are motivated at getting results and will invest a lot of money with you through your high-ticket packages, but most of them aren?t serious, are price-resistant and will eventually leave you ? perhaps to go to a competitor.
That leaves you constantly having to invest your valuable marketing dollars to replace the customers who left you. Plus you have to go through the PAIN of filtering out the good, motivated customers?and ?throwing out? all the duds because you don?t have a system for separating your ideal, ?slam dunk? customers from the rest. But what if you possessed a time-tested and proven ?secret strategy? that automatically attracts the ?top 1%? of customers who are motivated to get results, forms a ?virtual fence? around them so that they?ll never leave you, and easily moves them to your high-ticket packages without any buying resistance? It?s All About Putting On LIVE Events ? The Secret ?X-Factor? That GKIC Has Been Using For The Past 27 Years To Influence, Impact And Retain Customers You see, putting on a LIVE event?whether it?s a large seminar, a small workshop, an intimate retreat, or something in between?is the most powerful marketing strategy you could possibly have in your arsenal. For example, it enables you to quickly ascend your customers and clients into your high-priced programs. We regularly use our annual SuperConference?, Info-SUMMIT?, and our Fast Implementation Bootcamps to ?move? our customers into our $12,000-and-up Coaching and Mastermind groups. This would be virtually impossible if we ran things from a distance and stuck with the usual marketing tactics like email, social media, webinars, and direct mail. Plus putting on LIVE events allows you to create better customers. A customer is far more likely to stay beyond a year, beyond two years, and beyond three years vs. if they just heard from you just through email, livecasts and social media. For example, our ?lifers??people who have been with us for 5, 10, 15 even 20 years?have all attended our live events early on, and continue to attend them frequently? DOWNLOAD


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