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Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Marketing Concepts


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Opportunity Concepts Marketing is a 10 DVD, 20 CD course that contains more than 12 hours of the core training?directly from the days of sessions from the original closed-door, $5000-per-head event in Cleveland, OH.

To be clear, this is NOT training about marketing actual businesses or moneymaking opportunities. I showed MANY examples from the opportunity market?and someone who is in this market will benefit from it greatly?but this is much broader than that.

This is about marketing just about ANYTHING?but certainly information products, courses, seminars, coaching programs, and business services by transforming them so they can be presented with ?opportunity? concepts and language.

You see, my knowledge of opportunity concepts are unrivaled, and I have 40 years under my belt when it comes to these advanced and sophisticated strategies.

And, mind you, this also isn?t a ?business in a box? or a course on copywriting?or how to write your message in an irresistible fashion.

The MECHANICS of creating irresistible messages?such as how to write headlines and writing awesome closes?is not covered here.

But the CONCEPTS and strategies about opportunity marketing can easily be ?cut and pasted? into your own business. That?s right, the same strategies, procedures, and approaches I reveal can be applied to sell ANYTHING better?no matter the niche, product, or service!

Now I want to make it clear: Opportunity Concepts Marketing isn?t like grade school where you have to complete grades 1-12 in order to feel like you?ve accomplished something.

Just 1 or 2 of the opportunity concepts could be a HUGE game changer to you. Chances are, when your big box containing your Opportunity Concepts Marketing course hits your doorstep, you?ll immediately find a tip or 2 or that?ll allow you to:

In other words, I discourage you to try to implement every tip, tactic, and strategy you?ll discover in this 20 hours of training to feel like you?re ?getting somewhere.?That?s like drinking from a fire hose?and it will leave you pretty DARN frustrated and confused.

You see, I go through many examples and exhibits of opportunity marketing over the span of these 10 DVDs. And one or 2 of them can be immediately applicable to your business?and lead to an immediate return on your investment in this course.

In fact, that?s EXACTLY what I recommend. When the whole course arrives at your doorstep and you go through the CDs, DVDs transcripts, and exhibits, just focus on implementing 1 or 2 HUGE opportunity concepts you discover in this training?.

?Instead of being overwhelmed and not doing anything at all?and allowing a competitor to eat your lunch!

That?s just how DARN powerful these concepts are. And if you?re just thinking about starting a business, this will give you a ?head start? over other marketers (including your competitors)!


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