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Published on: May 12, 2021
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Discover How You Can Transform Your Ideas, Advice, Expertise Or Hobby Into Cash In 90 Days-Even If You Failed In The Past Or Think You Dont Have Enough Time, Money Or Know How

Nows the time to live life on your own terms thanks to the greatest business in the entire world: information marketing. Business Building Blueprints is a comprehensive expose on how you can leverage what you already know to summon a tsunami of profits in as little as 90 days. These are GKIC founder Dan Kennedys personal moneymaking blueprints hes been exploiting for 7-figures per year that you can copy and paste into any business. So if youre shackled to your business and are looking for a solid second stream of income to liberate your time and income so you can give yourself a breather, then you need to invest in Business Building Blueprints

We can feel your frustration.
Maybe youve bought into the LIE that you needed a degree, a good secure job with benefits and a 401k to achieve financial success.
But where has that gotten you? Barely being able to pay for basic expenses, always struggling to pay the bills, and coming to grips with the realization that you may have gone down the WRONG path.

And if you own a business you may have wondered whatever happened to the freedom, money, success, and prosperity you always desired-which is why you got in business in the first place.
.but instead it turned out being a 60-80 hour non-stop grind where youre working all the time and always stressed out about where the next customer, client or patient is going to come from.

Well, were here to tell you that its not your fault.
Nobody has given you the PROVEN step-by-step information marketing blueprints that have worked for ordinary people in ANY industry-and will personally guide you.

You see, information marketing allows you to leverage your expertise to create a 6-7 figure business where you can make money from a spare room with no employees or overhead.

You can also create a whole new lucrative side business stemming from your primary business.
And now, for the first time ever, the Godfather of Information Marketing, Dan Kennedy, is going to give you his Business Building Blueprints that are practically routine now-even formulaic-so you can effortlessly cut and paste them for yourself so you can liberate your life.

Business Building Blueprints are the ONLY blueprints that walk you through step-by-step what to do to create your first info-marketing windfall in 90 days-even if youve never created a business in your entire life.

Youll get 7 audio CDs with a full printed transcript and every single sample and example shown at the original Business Building Blueprints event.

.every single proven info-product example, every website, every postcard, every landing page that Dan personally chose and dissected in front of a LIVE audience can be yours so you can copy and paste them for yourself.

And the best part is youll also get The Business Building Blueprints Checklist thatll allow you to go through and make sure your business development is on track and you dont make any serious mistakes.

This alone will prevent you from making the common pitfalls most newbie marketers make, and this invaluable tool could save you TONS of time, money and headaches by itself.

And youll able to use these blueprints-the exact-same blueprints that have liberated a great many people from poor incomes, from frustrating businesses or jobs, from fixed-in-stone work schedules, and from outright boredom-to lives of renewed vigor, control, certainty and fun!

Heres just SOME of what youll discover:
The 4 foundations of a successful information marketing business you HAVE to build your business upon.otherwise youll end up wasting time, money, and resources (not good)
The secret to maximizing your information marketing profits that goes beyond what your competiti


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