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Dan Ray – White Hat Link Building System


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Struggling to keep up with the demands of SEO and link building?

?or even having trouble building links to your own site?

I have a difficult truth for you.

The root of these problems is not having a valid system in place for generating repeatable results.

Results that keep your clients happy and keep you collecting your agency fees/affiliate commissions/blog visitors, month after month, year after year.

Before I was forced to go it alone running my own agency, I’ve experienced all those feelings and more.

Six years ago I led a normal life as an in-house SEO for a small private company.

If you stopped me on the street and told me what my future held for me, I honestly would have told you to f*** off. I wouldn’t be able to conceive it.

?was it difficult?


Work up to my eyeballs?

Without question.

?and was it worth it?


It took a tonne of refinement, but I’ve finally streamlined my process, and now work at my business only a few hours per week.

Now that my business is essentially on autopilot, I’m going to share with you the exact way I do it.

This is so much more than link building.

?it’s the entire method that I use to build links for all of my clients (each ranging from ?3,000 to ?10,000 monthly).

This system shows how I’ve built the real ?four hour workweek? with strategic use of freelancers, a refined strategy, and an unwillingness to quit.

I was hesitant in sharing, because I’m really leaving nothing out of the equation. This is my complete turnkey client system, that has led me to living a life not tied down to a desk.

I’ve spent the last three months pulling it together into easy to digest modules, and this is giving you the chance to put it into action for your business.

1) Project Tracking Documents

I use 3 optimized documents ensure all of my projects go to plan:

A project tracker, a to-do list, and a dynamic list of search queries to be used by an assigned prospector.

These 3 simple documents provide an almost unlimited amount of ?link type? targets.

I’m giving them to you exactly as I use them.

2) Link Training Files

Training on 20 different link types; from my core 8, to pillow links, as well as specialty link types which are highly effective but best used for specific circumstances.

Every link type is classified between two specific ?roles?.

This allows easy hand-offs to your chosen team members.

Proper delegation for maximum results.

3) Hiring Guides for your team

I show exactly how and where to hire the 3 core team members needed to run these powerful link building campaigns.

All the criteria for finding the perfect:

1) Project Manager

2) Prospector for Link Targets

3) Outreach Specialist

No more wondering how to hire the right people for your team.

?It can’t be this simple??

It’s not.

At least when you’re starting from scratch.

Add years of toiling, refinement, mixed with an intense obsession for automation + simplification? and well this is the result.

An actual 4 hour work week.

One currently in use by me for 10 clients (my chosen maximum number) for over ?50,000 per month in billing.

Now that I’m maxed out on clients, I’m determined to share what I’ve refined with you.

You’ll be able to build out your agency in ways you might not have conceived with these processes.



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