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Dan Sullivan – 40 Secrets To Growing Your Entrepreneurial Success 10x


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The 40 obstacles that hold 95 percent of entrepreneurs back-and strategies to transform them into extraordinary success


Do you want your business to grow? Most entrepreneurs would say yes. Yet when you present them with the possibility of 10x growth, they say, “Yes, but …

In this powerful manifesto, Dan Sullivan takes the 40 biggest obstacles to 10x growth and dismantles them one by one, then gives you a reason and a strategy for achieving extraordinary success in each of those areas.

This booklet and the accompanying audios will help you transform the objections in your mind and in the minds of those around you, and open up a much bigger world full of possibilities and freedom.


10x is a single idea that makes all the difference in the world. The secret is to put The 10x Mindset to work in every part of your life and business starting right now.

Once you become comfortable with 10x growth as the center of your entrepreneurial thinking, this “10x Mindset” will enable you to transform every aspect of your personal and business future. Everything you need to make this transformation is already sitting in your brain, ready to begin making 10x progresses.

But there are some extraordinary entrepreneurial “secrets”-40 of them-that you need to know in order to enable your brain to begin operating clearly and confidently within The 10x Mindset.

Before getting to the 40 secrets, let’s talk about what it means to have a 10x Mindset in your entrepreneurial life and business

Transforming 40 obstacles into the 10x Mindset.

10x is a single idea, and the 10x Mindset can be immediately available to you. The moment you start thinking 10x, a powerful and permanent creative process is triggered in your brain. A series of “obstacles” arise to challenge your creative abilities. These obstacles are not there to stop you from moving forward and growing, but rather to give you raw material for creating your own 10x Mindset.

On the following pages-and in the accompanying audios-we provide you with the 40 biggest emotional and psychological obstacles that 15,000 ambitious, talented, and successful entrepreneurs have identified and transformed on the way to creating their own 10x Mindsets.

As you read and listen to the 40 secrets to transforming each of these obstacles into your own 10x Mindset, three things will happen simultaneously: one, your mind will immediately relate each obstacle to your own experiences; two, the moment you identify your own obstacles, they will start to disappear; and, three, as the obstacles disappear, the 40 secrets for developing and expanding your own 10x Mindset will translate into practical clarity, confidence, and capability on a daily basis. Everything will start growing 10x.


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