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Daniel Levis – Email Alchemy Elite


Published on: December 14, 2020
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It’s crucial you know these are NOT the typical 2-paragraph guru tripe templates you see being peddled around the Internet these days for thousands of dollars.

Every one of these templates is a hand-crafted jewel of ethical influence? incorporating the revolutionary EMAIL ALCHEMY ‘secondary reward? technology? every bit as good as the world-class persuasion my private clients pay me as much as ,500 per email to write.

The campaigns are modular, designed to be stacked, combined, assembled and re-assembled into literally dozens of sustained ?guerilla launch? onslaughts that drive off-the-charts conversions and earnings per click, striking fear in the hearts of complacent rivals who cling to the status quo.

As Steve Jobs is famous for saying:

?It’s More Fun To Be a Pirate

Than To Join The Navy??

And far more profitable, too?

?Because EMAIL ALCHEMY ?ELITE? totally levels the playing field against deep-pocketed and better established players, video marketing ninjas, the JV syndicate, anyone who wants to rumble? even stacks the deck in your favor.

Over the next 8 weeks I will personally ‘template? 12 DONE-4-YOU EMAIL ALCHEMY campaigns for everyone who joins this program – 54 sizzling HOT fill-in-the-blanks EMAIL ALCHEMY emails in all, for handling your complete subscriber life-cycle, from cradle to grave.

‘These Are The Battle-Tested Revenue Boosters That Can

Catapult You To Supremacy In A Tiny Fraction Of The

Time (And Expense) It Takes Withc Conventional Means:?

  1. Recruitment Series – emails for joint venture partner sorties and outright assaults. Instant ‘swipes? for filling up webinars, live stream events and hangouts? for multi-part video based sales funnels? for text based reports and audio content or anywhere else you need rapid recruitment of eager potential buyers.
  2. Infiltration Series – emails that befriend new prospects, setting the stage for the invasion of new markets and the conquest of entrenched players? essential tools for getting ?white-listed? in the in-box and pre-framing your offerings before launching an attack?
  3. Propagation Series – emails that drive rabid consumption, discussion and sharing of your lead generation magnets. No more wasting your time creating pre-selling content for freebie seekers who don’t even look at it. No wonder they don’t buy!
  4. Liaison Series – emails used to create a living narrative with the natives? fuels precious ?list dialog? and goodwill? yields off-the-charts subscriber engagement, involvement and response?
  5. Ultimatum Series – emails that demand action, or else! The ?zero collateral damage? approach to scarcity and urgency. Destroys purchase inertia. Disarms people who abhor ‘scorched earth? takeaway selling. Keeps them buying happily again and again?
  6. Enforcer Series – emails for maximizing webinar attendance. Every person who shows up at a webinar is worth $2, $5, $10, $20 or more to you, so this campaign alone could easily double your sales and profits!
  7. Reconna


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