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Daryl Rosser aka Lion Zeal – Scientific Rankings


Published on: December 10, 2020
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And it doesnt involve creating quality content, praying to Google, or hopelessly waiting for magical fairies
– Fed up of feeling guilty for selling your SEO services because you dont have certainty in your ability to rank?
– Struggling to rank your R&R or affiliate sites consistently?
– Feel like youre at the mercy of Google and have little control or prediction over what happens? Ive Deconstructed SEO Down To A Science: Heres How To Rank For Anything Without Being At The Mercy Of Google
Hi guys, Daryl here.
Ive got some good news
SEO isnt dead.
And anyone saying it is, hasnt got a clue what theyre talking about.
Thankfully, youre smart enough to know that already, hence why youre reading this today.
But I have to admit
It IS more difficult than it ever has been. I agree.
You cant just point a few exact match anchor text links at your site anymore. Thatll only get you hit by Penguin.
And you cant even have 2 pages covering the same topic without risking topic duplication.
But create quality content, and all that nonsense Google advises you that isnt going to do a thing for you.
So lets cut the crap:
A Step-by-Step Walkthrough Of How to Rank for Anything. Its called: SCIENTIFIC RANKINGS
And its a simple step by step process to predictably rank for any type of keyword, broken down into 8 separate modules:
Module 1: Rankings Overview
The first module is all about creating a deep-level understanding of how the algorithm works. This course isnt just dump a strategy on you today, then leave you hanging in the future. Its designed to help you master SEO. Module 2: Keyword Research
In module 2, youll learn how to deconstruct which keywords you should be targeting by using highly advanced data tools, and showing you how to analyse and make sense of it all. Youll learn: Module 3: Setting Up Your Website
In module 3, youll learn how to setup your sites in the most ideal way to rank. This is all about building up the right trust, authority, and relevance for your site. Here youll learn: Module 4: OnPage SEO
This is the 2nd biggest module in the entire training, and for a good reason, onpage SEO seems like a lost art among private blog network owners. Here youll learn: Module 5. Map Pack Rankings
In module 5, well go through how to rank in Googles map pack aka snap pack. This is practically a requirement for local clients, and recommended for R&R sites and even local affiliate sites. Youll learn: Module 6: PBN Mastery
Originally sold as a standalone training, PBN Mastery is designed to help you setup, manage, and use a private blog network. This will provide the power behind your rankings, without it, youll struggle to rank for anything semi-competitive. Module 7: Link Diversification
Module 7 is dedicated to link diversification techniques, a very important part of ranking today. PBNs on their own simply arent enough anymore. Here youll learn: Module 8: Penalty Recovery
Do SEO long enough, and test enough, youre probably going to get a penalty. If not, youre not testing enough. Or maybe you already have one. This module will show you how to recover from algorithm penalties. Module 9: The Game Plan
Now its time to put this all together, and turn it into a simple process you can run for every website.


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