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Data Cleaning and Pivot Tables in Google Sheets


Published on: December 10, 2020
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There?s a joke in the data community that goes: ?You?ll spend 90% of your time cleaning data, and the other 10% of your time complaining about cleaning your data.? Do you deal with badly formatted data that takes you hours to tidy up, preventing you from making progress on your ?real? work? Do you ever find yourself repeating a process manually, like extracting a zip code from an address? Ever wondered what the heck a Pivot Table is, and why you should care about them? This course is designed to help you work with messy, real-world datasets, and it?s a fit for beginner-to-intermediate level Google Sheets users. Through four hours of video tutorials, you?ll learn techniques and best practices for cleaning data and preparing it for analysis and reporting ? saving you hours of tedious, repetitive work, and helping you get accurate results for your company. DOWNLOAD


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