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Dave Kaminski – Funnel Sanity


Published on: August 3, 2021
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Funnel Sanity

The Missing Manual For Sales Funnels

“This Technology Stuff Is Holding Me Back…”

I hear those words a lot…”this technology stuff is holding me back”. Someone is trying to sell their first product online or grow sales for an existing product, but the technology involved is giving them nightmares.

For example, recently I spoke with a guy who was using 8 different pieces of software, at a cost of over a month, to run a simple sales funnel that got people to book an appointment with him from a Facebook ad. He was spending so much on the software, that he had almost no money left to run actual the ads. And he wasn’t even sure what half the software did.

Or there was the woman who was launching her first product and had paid a small army of freelancers over to build her sales funnel. Except nobody could get the tech in her sales funnel to work right. She was so frustrated by the experience that she was ready to quit…basically, giving up on her dream.

The stories I hear are always different. But the problem is always the same. Always. And the problem is that…

Sales Funnels Are Easy, But The Technology To Build and Run Them Can Be a Nightmare

Whether you realize it or not, everything online is using a sales funnel. It’s been that way since the dawn of the Internet, but these days we give it a name: sales funnel. When you gave me your email address, you were put in a funnel. When you buy a pair of socks on Amazon, you’re in a funnel. When you click on any ad, anywhere, you’re in a funnel.

Sales funnels are easy. At least they look easy and are easy for visitors to go through.

The problems begin when you start trying to connect all the tech behind the scenes. How will you build all of the pages? How do you get the forms to work that collect a visitor’s data? How do you know which people did or did not land on a particular step in a funnel? How do you make all of the funnel steps communicate with each other? How do you find the statistics on your funnel? What do you do when something doesn’t work like it should? And the list goes on and on.

It’s insanity. Sales funnels do work. And really, really, well. They always have…it’s why every successful online business is using them (and why everyone tells you to use them).

But one little detail about sales funnels is always missing from the conversation. And that is…making the technology work in a sales funnel can be a nightmare. A nightmare t


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