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Published on: December 14, 2020
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How To Live The Gig Life

Work On Your Own Terms. Set Your Own Hours. Earn What You Want.

No Bosses. No Politics. No Burnout.

Here?s How Google Defines The Gig Economy

Per Google search ? A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and businesses contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. The term ?gig? is a slang word meaning ?a job for a specified period of time?.

Here?s a fun fact about Google and the gig economy ? Google now has more gig workers on their payroll than full-time employees.

But wait, there?s more.  Back in 2017, the CEO of Intuit said ?the gig economy is now estimated to be 34% of the workforce and expected to be 43% by the year 2020?.  Furthermore, it?s predicted that the ?gig economy? will simply become ?the economy?, as hundreds of millions of micro-businesses will replace hundreds of millions of 9-5 jobs.

If you look around, you?ll notice that there are gig workers everywhere.  They shop for people, deliver food to people, drive people around and do just about anything else you can imagine.

And here?s an even stranger truth: these days you can become a complete hermit and literally never leave your home.  Live ever. And you can do that because gig workers are available to do everything you need.

Here?s My Definition of The Gig Economy

You do small, short-term jobs (gigs) for businesses. The gigs are profitable for you. And when you finish a gig, you forget about it and move onto something else.

You are not married to anything. You don?t deal with an idiot boss, annoying co-workers, annoying customers, company politics, stupid meetings, off-shoring, salary-pruning, cost-cutting or any of the other typical business drudge.

You do a gig. You get paid. You walk away. And you do it all on your own schedule, at your own pace and your own way.

It?s NOT a full-time endeavor, second job, part-time job or any other type of employment.

It?s a gig. You only do the gigs you want. You always get paid what you want. And when the gig is done, you move onto the next one?whenever you want.

In the gig life, you and only you decide what work you?ll do, when you do it and how much you?ll be paid for it. It?s freedom 101.

Here?s The #1 Reason Why You Should Be Doing Gigs:

You Never Know When You?ll Have To Rely On Them

Look, I don?t need to do gigs. I have well-established businesses online and have been earning my living from them for over 20 years.

But since 2005, I?ve regularly done gigs too.


Because you never know when you?ll have to rely on them.

Jobs get lost. Products stop selling. Businesses close. Traffic disappears. Divorces happen. Medical bills popup. And the list goes on of how your income can suddenly disappear or dramatically be reduced.

When that happens, panic sets in and stress begins.

But if you?ve been regularly earning gig money, it doesn?t. You know that you have gigs to fall back on. Gigs that are a proven and reliable way to generate just about any amount of income you need.

Gigs are like a financial security blanket. A backup plan that you can tap into on-demand.

Doing Gigs Is Waaaayyy Easier Than Selling Stuff Online

and You Can Keep Your Full-Time Job Too

Selling an


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