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Dave Lakhani – Renegades of Persuasion


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Here’s What You Can Expect To Learn I?ve structured this training so that you can be exposed to the very best ideas in persuasion and influence today. I?ve chosen my trainers specifically for their ability to bring a particular level of training to you, each will provide you with another layer of persuasive skill that you can leverage at will. Allow me to introduce you to the speakers you’ll be trained by. I?m going to give you their names and what they?ll be teaching you, I’ll give you their detailed biographies later and feel free to click on any of the linked names for their website or more info.
Meet Your Mentors

Dr. Kevin Hogan – Author of The Psychology Of Persuasion, Covert Persuasion, The Science of Influence and many more books. His annual influence boot camp sells out every year. Kevin understands and teaches you practical applications of psychological persuasion and influence. This is real science meets sales and man does it work!

Joel Bauer – The world’s greatest pitchman and author of How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want To Be Persuaded. Joel understands and teaches group sales psychology, room control and group selling tactics like no one you’ve ever experienced.

Dr. Ben Mack – Ben is the author of Think Two Products Ahead, the creator of the Yo-Yo craze of the late 1990’s when he helped take Yomega Yo-Yo from $8 Million in sales to over $100m in sales a year later. He is also recognized as one of the world’s greatest memeticists and he?ll be teaching you how to create and leverage persuasive memes.

Dr. Rachna Jain – Dr. Jain is currently considered one of the nation’s top experts on persuasive social media and how to create leverage social media to build brands fast and create crowds using mass influence technologies. She is a Psy.D who will bring detailed research and hands on working sessions on creating persuasive social media that impacts immediately.

George Paiva – A persuasive communications expert who will show you a four part strategy for creating persuasive arguments that is unbelievably effective. You’ll learn persuasive copywriting skills that will blow your competition out of the water and have your prospects and clients eating out of your hands.

Dave Lakhani – I’ll be bringing you two key components in this event and one frightening experience. I?m going to reveal the information that they would not allow me to include in the book Subliminal Persuasion and I’ll show you exactly how to use the information. I?m also going to teach cult mind control tactics so that you can understand how people become indoctrinated and brainwashed. I’ll also demonstrate the ethical use of these techniques (this was one of the areas that made my publisher uncomfortable). Deborah Micek – @coachdeb as she’s known to most and author of Secrets Of Online Persuasion. Coach Deb is widely considered one of the nation’s top experts in online tribal behavior and how to leverage it for your profitable success!

Here Is A Short List Of What You’re About To Learn:

– Applied Psychological Persuasion and Influence
– Leveraging The Manipulated Mind
– Principles Of Personal Branding
– The Latest Psychological Research As It Relates To Persuasion and Mass Influence
– How To Create Crowds
– The Art of The Pitch
– Pricing Strategies
– Applied Propaganda (Wonder why the new Bush book by McClellan is coming out –

now and what techniques they are using)

– Mass Influence Strategies
– Covert Persuasion
– The Revelation of Material Too Controversial For Dave’s Latest Book
– How to persuade people who don’t want to be persuaded
– Persuasive memetics as well as an overview of memetics and why understanding

memetics is important to the persuader

– The Campfire Persuasion Strategy
– The Pinata Persuasion Principle
– How to integrate persuasion with s…


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