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Dave Landry – Complete Swing Trading Course


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


1. How To Confidently Pinpoint The Persistency Of A Trend Nearly Every Time.
Incredibly, even many experienced traders don’t know how to identify the best strategies for each of the three main phases of a trend. In fact, many traders aren?t even as familiar as they should be with the three phases.
In The Landry Mentoring Sessions, I’ll teach you the trend phases (acceleration, resumption, and transition). Then I’ll show you which strategies work best for each phase, and how to pinpoint where to place each one.
You’ll learn. . .
How to identify accelerating stocks just before they launch into high-velocity moves.
What is the highest reward strategy for trend resumption, and exactly where to place each trade as the stock makes a brief pause.
How to avoid the most common mistakes that traders make with transitioning trends, the key patterns that help you successfully enter brand new, solid trends.
But you’re not just going to learn how to do all this. It’s not enough to put these new ideas into your head and hope for the best.
No, you’re going to master all these concepts. After every section, I’ll give you ?homework.? You’ll take quizzes. We?ll go over every idea until it’s implanted firmly where it needs to be-in this case, as Step #1 to a successful lifetime trading plan.
Once I?m confident that you’re able to avoid the trend-consistency mistakes other traders make, and that you can accurately identify trades nearly every time, we?ll move on to. . .
2. Every Swing Trader’s Most Powerful Weapon: Persistent Pullbacks.
If you’ve taken my Trading High Momentum Stocks with Landry Persistent Pullbacks course, you know that this is my bread-and-butter strategy. But just because you’ve taken that course doesn?t mean you’ve been able to effectively and consistently incorporate the strategy into a lifetime trading plan.
Anyone can learn a strategy. Not everyone can execute it to perfection. And that’s what you’re going to learn in this course.
In this course, The Landry Mentoring Sessions, I will provide enough instruction so that if you’re new to persistent pullbacks, you’ll come away knowing how to trade them consistently, and if you’re already a persistent pullback trader, you’ll add even more wattage to how you use them.
At first glance, persistent pullbacks are like conventional pullbacks.
But the power behind persistent pullbacks is the distinct and unstoppable pattern that occurs just before the pullback. This tells you that the pullback is locked into a trend.
Many traders misread the pattern, and are then stopped out when the expected pullback fails to materialize.
In this course, you’ll discover the surefire way to identify a true persistent pullback nearly every time. Again, I’ll show you charts. We?ll practice identifying and trading setups, then practice them some more. You’ll get to prove your mastery in quizzes. And once your mastery is demonstrated, we?ll move on. . . .
3. Everything You Don’t Know About The 10 Best Swing Trading Strategies-But Need To.
In The Landry Mentoring Sessions I’ll take you through each of these reliable strategies, teaching you what no course or book can ever reveal.
Learn these strategies and you’ll know how to trade any trend effectively.
We?ll spend time with each of them, as I take you step-by-step through pattern formation, entry points, stops, profit taking, and exits.
You’ll be able to watch how patterns form, just as they do on any regular trading day. What you see in my examples is exactly and precisely what you’ll see when you begin applying them to your own trades.
And as we watch together as the patterns form, I’ll tell you my own thought processes, so you know exactly how I analyze and make my decisions on every stock. What’s the trend? Is it a reliable setup? How do I know if it will be a viable trade? Where do I enter? Which strategy will give me the highest probability? When do I exit?
If you’ve ever wond


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