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David Deangelo – Man Transformation (Full Course)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


01 – Who Is The Real You – Who’s really in control of your life
02 – Personal Evolution – Moving beyond your comfort zone – Generating new behaviors
03 – Understanding Beliefs – Where do beliefs come from Rationalizing – Understanding others
04 – Fear and Guilt – Moving beyond neediness – Learning to relate
05 – Immaturity vs Maturity – Being a mature man – Understanding your emotional triggers
06 – Morality, Body Language – Imprinting and past conditioning – Awareness-raising tools
07 – Fear of Embarrassment – Recreating your personal mythology – Empowering yourself
08 – Relating with Yourself – Creating new relationship possibilities
09 – Poise and Passion – Attractive behaviors – Being a man of passion
10 – Integrity in Yourself – Being present, centered, and powerful
11 – Sex vs Love Making – Being confident – Bringing out her best
12 – Raising Women Up – Overcoming doubt – Bringing out the best in women
13 – Natural Grounding – Creating your own relationship reality
14 – Social Anxiety – Creating attraction – Enjoying the process
15 – Inspired Social Life – Creating an attractive identity – Inspiring devotion – Acting in spite of fear
16 – Powerful Words – Dynamics of social interactions – Touching women
17 – The Sexiest Thing – Social intelligence – Being a high status man – Relationship growth
18 – Unleashing Your Warrior – Being a Renaissance man – Creating connections
19 – Meeting Women Powerfully – How to put yourself into a powerful state for approaching women
20 – Authenticity – Taking action – Small steps – Intermediate goals – Final reflections
Bonus #1 – Ultimate Time Management and Productivity
Bonus #2 – Ultimate Physical Health and Wellness
Bonus #3 – Ultimate Business and Financial Success

Would you like to literally TRANSFORM into a man who understands women and attraction… one who’s always in control and always knows exactly what to say and do to succeed with amazing women and in life?

If so, then take the next few minutes and read on.

The information I’m about to share is the key to the success that you’ve been looking for… and it all begins with just one question:

Right now… as you are… why would a woman want to be with YOU?

Do you think it’s because you’re a “nice guy?”

Or maybe because you’re so “honest and loyal?”

Better think again…

If you answered like this, it’s clear that you don’t understand the true inner motivations that women have… that you don’t understand how to give women the experiences and feelings that they want in life, and that you don’t stand a chance of attracting and keeping one.

Now, you probably already know some of the things that you should be doing to change yourself and have more success with women (and in life in general)… but you still don’t do them.


I mean, it’s amazing… we grow up, make it to adulthood, learn how to walk, read, write, and drive… but we still can’t get ourselves to do things that we know are in our own best interest!

It’s a problem we all face. And… after working on this area of success for many years… I’ve realized that there’s a simple “trick” to getting yourself to actually start doing the things you know you should be doing…

You simply need to admit to yourself that for some reason you can’t get yourself to TAKE ACTION to start succeeding.

Think about this for a moment…

For your whole life, you’ve had feelings and emotional memories buried in your unconscious mind (also known as FEARS) that have literally forced you to keep making the wrong critical judgments and decisions.

Even worse… they’ve kept you from even getting started.

You probably already have an intuitive sense of all this.

For example, maybe you’ll be talking to a woman in line at the store, and you’ll realize that you should get her email and ph


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