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David Frey – Speaking Masters Telesummit


Published on: December 9, 2020
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You’ve arrived on this website for one of two reasons.
One. You know that public speaking can have a huge impact on the growth of your business.
Two, you’re interested in making a lot of money as a professional public speaker. Whichever reason it is, you’re at the right place.

Let me ask you a question.

What would your business be like if you were able to generate a steady stream of new prospects, who respected and liked you and were ready to buy your product or service every single day? Or, what if you could earn a six figure income simply by sharing your knowledge with individuals, businesses and schools, and without having to be a celebrity?

I’m telling you by personal experience, that you can and that’s why we’ve rounded up the very best speaking experts in the industry and asked them to share their secrets with you from the comfort of your own home. And the best part is that you’ll be able to listen to each one of these experts for free.

Joel Bauer
The Anatomy of A Closing Presentation: How To Precisely Craft a Highly Persuasive Message that Will Motivate Your Audience to Run to the Back of the Room with Cash In Hand!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? How to turn a disbeliever into a fan, a fanatic, and a raving fan
? The surefire way to get your audience buying your products above and beyond your competition
? How to recession-proof your speaking business with these 3 key strategies
? Discover the #1 way your competition will want to promote you as a speaker and may you look great in front of audiences
? How to draw a crowd to hear a message and turn the message into sales
? The #1 biggest fear that stops most presenters from making more impact, influence and sales
? Discover the content matrix’s power to moving your presentation to the next level
? A step-by-step duplicatable system to close more sales every single time
? 20 secrets to profiting every time you speak on a platform

James Malinchak
How To Swiftly Tap Into the Mega Lucrative College Public Speaking Market and Easily Generate a 6-Figure Income Speaking On Virtually Any Topic Of Your Choice!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The 3 biggest reasons you must begin speaking at colleges and universities or continue to lose thousands of dollars every month
? The biggest mistake speakers make when trying to get a speaking gig
? The #1 way to get paid well in the college speaking circuit
? How to pick the right topic for the right audience and double your bookings almost immediately
? 20 smoking hot topics that colleges are hungry to book today
? How to know who will actually buy your program and how to pitch it to them
? How mailing bulky packages to event coordinators may blacklist you from speaking for them
? The best-kept secret to charging your speaking fees and get what you want

Joel Weldon
How You Can Create High Impact, Memorable Public Speaking Presentations that Educate, Inspire and Motivate Your Audience, Even If You Consider Yourself to Be Boring, Dull and Dry!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The little known secret to creating a high-powered presentation effectively without fail
? How just a few tweaks to your presentation can turn an average presentation to a stellar audience-grabbing one
? The 5 key methods to making an impact with your audience
? The surefire way to lose your audience in the middle of your presentation
? The first step to creating a magnetic presentation and gain fans in your audience almost immediately
? How you can create high-impact presentations even if you are boring, dull, and have to make speeches for a living
? How to make your audience care about your message
? How to turn more prospects into buyers with simple methods that can add thousands to your sales
Peter Fogel
Using Humor Isn’t Only For Comedians: 3 Simple Ways To Add Humor To Grab The Attention Of Your Audience, Get Them To Fall In Love With You And Make An Instant Sale!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? How the average, everyday business can use humor to bring home an audience and get them to want to buy from you
? The #1 way you can guarantee you’ll fail by using humor in your presentations and WHY you want to stay far away from it.
? The #1 way public speaking with humor can push companies to hire you over and over again
? The secret power you get when you use humor in your presentations that you can’t get any other way
? The single most important way to build the trust with your audience with humor
? A surefire way to know if your humor will turn your audience off or keep them entertained
? How to almost guarantee that your listeners will want to do business with you
? 2 crucial strategies to bring in humor into your presentations without sounding canned
? 3 major mistakes presenters make when trying to add humor to their talk
? The laser-focused strategy that will keep you buidling a power-punched and funny presentation that can get you 6-figure results!
Roberto Monaco
STOP Presenting and Start Influencing!: How to Move from Simply Presenting To Your Audiences To Using the Magical Power of Influence and Persuasion To Inspire and Motivate Your Participants to Buy More Of Your Products And Services

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The little known secret that distinguishes presenting to and influencing others
? The 5 biggest mistakes people do when conducting presentations
? A simple 4-part system to presenting that will move your customers to buying your value
? How to almost instantly improve your public speaking techniques in just 3 steps
? 3 drives that you must master to influence the masses
? How to make more money now by creating influence with your clients
? The reason 90% of business lose thousands of dollars by NOT using public speaking
? The #1 reason you NEED to begin using influence in your presentations
Bob Oros
How a No-Name, Guy-Next-Door, Meat Cutter Broke Into the Speaking Business In a Narrow Niche and Exploded His Consulting and Training Company Into an Annual Multi-Six Figure Business

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The #1 reason you should never sell yourself as a speaker
? The #1 surefire way to get in front of your intended target audience
? The little known secret to building your expert status that only insider speaking gurus know
? A simple step-by-step system to make you look great with your event coordinator by offering a virtually free seminar for them, while you are still getting paid!
? How to quickly double the value of your speaking program in 2 easy steps
? How to get 100% on your evaluations each and every time
? The #1 way to draw your audiences in and want to be in your presentation session
? 11 factors you must never do to be a successful speaker
? The simplest way to make a factory of product within the next 90 days

Christian Doria
How To Use The ?10 Step Local Speaking Funnel System? To Put Hundreds Qualified, Proven Buyers Into Your High Ticket Seminar, Workshop or Speaking Event By One of Tony Robbins Former Top Speaking Professionals

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The biggest mistake you can make to lose prospects fast
? How to get your target market wanting to get their leads to your speaking event
? The little known secret to getting million dollar presentations each and every time
? 10 surefire strategies to flooding your speaking engagements day after day
? 4 must-haves to get the perfect marketing packet for your speaking business
? A proven method to making cold-calling work to book speaking engagements consistently
? How to get your team bringing you hot leads for your appointments
? The #1 way to lose the interest of your audience before you even get to your presentation
? The secret to getting the ?buy-in? of the Boss before your presentation
? How to prepare for the talk and build rapport at the same time
Norris Williams
How to Create Dynamite Speech that Will Blow Away Your Audience and Get You Wild Applause and Standing Ovations Where Ever and Whenever Your Speak!
Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The #1 way to get your speech close to perfect without practicing it in front of a ?Live? audience
? The biggest mistake most speakers make when planning their presentation that can make your audience lose interest in you
? The #1 building block for speech preparation success
? 3 keys to creating a power-packed speech for your business
? The single most important way to build a presentation the right way
? How to present a speech without sounding ?canned?
? 8 Steps to Preparing Your Presentation
? A 3-part system to getting all the information for your talk into the planning process
? How to use stories the right way
? Discover the power of transitions in your speech
? The #1 way to get your speech close to perfect without practicing it in front of a ?Live? audience
Paul Evans
Simple Strategies To Conquer Your Fear Of Speaking and Create Instant Speaking Success Even If You’re a Brand New Beginner

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? Discover the 2 ways you can build your speaking career, and why you’ll want to stay away from one of them
? The little known key to perfecting your public speaking skills that anyone can do
? 3 top-notch strategies to making a killer presentation without much paid training
? The best way to knock the socks off of your audience (and it isn’t what you think!)
? 2 keys to understanding the art of public speaking
? The ultimate reason you should (or should not) be speaking in front of others
? 4 surefire ways to impact your audience with your presentation
? 4 simple steps to adding your signature personality into your talk
? 3 core essentials you’ll want to add to beef up your speaking toolkit

Felicia Slattery
How To Create Million Dollar ?Signature Speeches? In One Only Evening that Generates Huge Cash Payouts Every Time They Are Delivered (And How You Can Cash In On On Your Speeches
Even When You’re Not Physically Presenting Them!)

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The biggest reason EVERY business owner needs to have a Signature Speech
? How to create a speech that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch and gets more buyers than ever before
? How to make money even if you are doing a speech for free
? 2 major ways to set yourself apart from other businesses with your signature speech
? How you can use this speech in other ways to boost your product line, making money when you’re not even speaking in front of live audiences
? The secret to getting over the jitters before your next presentation
? Why you will want to create your signature speech, even if you’re not a beginner
? The 3 essential steps to writing a 30 minute signature speech tonight
? Discover the number of speeches you need to get started in your speaking career today
? How to creating your speech with lightning fast speed!
Arvee Robinson
How to Generate An Avalanche of Hot Prospects and Leads Using the Art and Science of Persuasive Public Speaking In Your Local City Or Town

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? The 3 BIGGEST mistakes most business owners make when trying to give public presentations and how to instantly look like a seasoned speaking professional by avoiding these goof-ups!
? Little known secrets the pros won’t tell you about how to control your nervousness.
? 3 magnetic ways you can command attention of any audience in the first 30 to 60 seconds.
? How to find more opportunities to speak to local groups of your ideal prospects and how to get invited as a speaker.
? What specifically you must do during your presentations in order to generate leads and clients.
? The 3 speeches every business person needs to have to attract more business
? A simple easy-to-follow system to creating powerful speeches over and over again
? The #1 way to leverage your time and your previous speaking engagements for even more income!

David Frey
How To Quickly and Easily Become a Local Celebrity By Starting Your Own Home Town Public Speaking Business that Will Magnetically Attract Highly Qualified Prospects Ready to Do Business With You and Your Company

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? 3 major reasons you will want to use local speaking gigs to build your small business
? 4 key strategies to get your name in front of thousands in your niche
? 5 free or low-cost tools you can use to create your first speaking product in just a few hours
? A paint-by-numbers blueprint to creating a speaking career locally from being a virtual nobody in your field today
? The biggest mistake you can make when you are in front of a live audience and why this will cost you thousands
? 4 keys to getting your first speaking gig without ever having done a live presentation before
? 7 must-haves for creating your speaking brochure that will get attention and have event planners picking up the phone to get you for their next event
? 6 tips for instant credibility as a speaker
? 3 types of speaking that you should know before going into this business
? The 1 simple thing you can do to increase your response rate 3x during your presentation

Robert Smith
How a Poor and Struggling Library Worker Making Only $5.15 an Hour Became a Runaway Speaking Success Performing On Many Of the Top Stages In the World and How You Too Can Get
up to 10 Major Speaking Engagements Per Month at Big Time Conferences.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this presentation…
? How one man was able to go from no-name to speaking on the stages of celebrity gurus such as Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Harv Eker, Jay Abraham, National Speakers Association, and Les Brown.
? The number 1 thing that you can offer ALL seminar promoters/meeting planners that will get them to CALL YOU and beg for you to come onto their stage. (This strategy applies to speaking at colleges, cruises, private corporate retreats)
? How to literally outsource the entire process of getting seminar promoters to put you on their stage.
? The absolute dumbest mistake people make when it comes to their speaking business.
? The little known secret about how to approach seminar promoters to get them to say ?yes? to your speaking request.
? The lazy man’s way to discovering the ?perfect? speaking engagements for your message.
? How to deliver results to your event planner and seminar sponsor so that they’ll be happy, willing and eager to put you in front of their audiences.
? How to turn speaking engagements into a monthly income stream without doing any additional work.
? The key to turning free speeches into 5 figure fees.

You’ll Discover How to Save Time and Money While Avoiding All the Headaches
These speakers are the best of the best in the business. So, all you need to do is register below and we’ll send you the date and times when our experts will be speaking and then you can just hop on your computer and listen in.

Think about it. You don’t have to go anywhere. You can sit at home or in your office and access what many people pay thousands of dollars for when attending seminars.

If we put all these speakers in a two day seminar you’d pay thousands of dollars, but you can have the same experience without leaving your home. You won’t have to pay for hotels, flights, food, seminar fees to anything like that.

You can listen to it where you’re sitting right now. You’ll be trained by some of the best speaking experts in the world on how to generate a steady stream of people interested in your product or service.

I just wish that I had access to this information when I first started my business back in 2001. Today, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for it. And you don’t have to fly to seminar to get it. You just need to register for this telesummit. My name is David Frey and I want to thank you for participating in the Speaking Masters Telesummit.

NOTE: All interviews come with an audio (MP3), transcripts (PDF), and Cheat Sheet (PDF).

Joel Bauer interview also includes 2 video (WMV) files.

Robert Smith interview is audio only.


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