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David Siteman Garland – Create Awesome Webinars


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Here is what you will learn inside of Create Awesome Webinars (Step-by-freakin-step):
Module1 – The Foundation: The Perfect Webinar Topic & Title Setting your webinar goal
How to figure out the PERFECT title for your webinar
Proven copy-and-paste formula so you have a sexy, high-converting title. Module2 – Setting It All Up (Get Your Pages Done, Yo!) Setting up your webinar & first email to registrants
Rocking your registration page (and what to include on the page to maximize registrations)
Your thank you page (and a little trick you will thank me for Module3 – Blowing Up Registrations Like Woah How early to start promoting your webinar to maximize registrations
The email ?ramp up method?
The exact FB ads strategy for webinars (taught by my personal FB ads all star) Module4 – Get ?Em To Show Up How to double to your show up rate
The ?RECC? formula to make sure people are changing their schedules to attend your webinar live
The trickiest question you will receive and how to answer it Module5 – The Most Kick-Butt Webinar Blueprint Ever 7-step PROVEN format to create your presentation so you can educate and sell like a rockstar (without being sleazy).
Exactly how to structure your presentation
Fill-In-The-Blank Slides Module6 – The PITCH! Where to send people during your pitch to maximize sales (this has changed!)
How to pitch & make an offer.even if you don?t have a product yet
The LAST THING you want to say on your webinar before you sign off (some secret sauce) Module7 – Delivering Your Webinar Like A Rockstar Webinar ?Night Before? & ?Game Day? Checklist
LIVE Demo!
Handling Q&A (and all the little details) Module8 – The Follow Up Exact follow-up formula to maximize sales
The last day bonus method
Post-webinar checklist (put it to bed, baby!)


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