David Tian – Rock Solid Relationships


Published on: May 12, 2021
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MODULE 1 – Your Rock Solid Vision
In Module 1, ‘Your Rock Solid Vision,’ we begin by walking you through a powerful guided meditation that triggers in your unconscious mind a ‘homing beacon’ for attracting your perfect woman and relationship to you.
MODULE 2 – Your Masculine Leadership
In Module 2, ‘Your Masculine Leadership,’ you’ll discover how to replace the immature psychology that governs your actions with women with mature Man psychology. so you always do what a MATURE MASCULINE would do in those tough situations. without even thinking about it.
This is THE KEY to auto-pilot success with women and relationships – that you can do it WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT – whether it’s an argument, emotional breakdown, or drifting apart from you, you’ll learn how to INSTINCTIVELY feel and know the best thing to do.
Also included in this module are many powerful insights, such as.
MODULE 3 – Your Rock Solid Love
In Module 3, ‘Your Rock Solid Love,’ you’ll begin the simple process that will program in your subconscious a rock solid core of Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem.
You’ll feel instantly amazing after going through these 5 emotionally transformative experiences that form the core of this program. When you experience them, it’s as if a dark veil of doubt and insecurity is lifted off of you. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and incredibly more powerful and positive.
Some of the other penetrating insights you’ll discover in this module include.
MODULE 4 – Your Masculine Freedom
In Module 4, ‘Your Masculine Freedom,’ you’ll be led through a step-by-step process that allows your unconscious mind to WORK FOR YOU rather than against you, so that you can break out of the harmful recurring patterns undermining your success and relationships. and unleash your innate masculine spirit and energy.
Some of the other powerful insights revealed in this module include.
MODULE 5 – Your Rock Solid Attachment
In Module 5, ‘Your Rock Solid Attachment,’ you’ll discover how you can effortlessly ignite passion, love, and care in nurturing relationships with your woman, even if your significant other seems ’emotionally withdrawn’ or overly anxious or needy.
Among the many deep insights revealed in this module are.
MODULE 6 – Your Masculine Assertiveness
In Module 6, ‘Your Masculine Assertiveness,’ you’ll develop your inner compass for navigating any tricky situations with others, including your woman and any intimidating alpha males. You’ll also learn how to express yourself authentically and trigger real respect from others by doing so.
Some of the other incredible insights you’ll discover in this module include.
MODULE 7 – Your Rock Solid Vitality
In Module 7, ‘Your Rock Solid Vitality,’ you’ll experience rock solid self-confidence and ‘worthiness’ to stop relying on others for validation and instead blaze your own wild trail of rapid, repeated successes.
Among the many vital lessons you’ll find in this module are.
MODULE 8 – Your Masculine Power
In Module 8, ‘Your Masculine Power,’ you’ll be led through a step-by-step system for building up inner confidence that leads to success with women and relationships. This is BY FAR the most effective personal growth system available. and the only method I’m aware of that works literally 100% of the time.
MODULE 9 – Your Rock Solid Relationship
In Module 9, ‘Your Rock Solid Relationship,’ we begin tying together all the amazing insights you’ve been gathering over the previous weeks so that you can see the big picture and step-by-step system of how to establish and enjoy rock solid relationships with women.
Also included in this module are.
MODULE 10 – Your Masculine Mastery
In Module 10, ‘Your Masculine Mastery,’ we level up all the elements of masculinity you’


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